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NY/NJ 0 0 0 0 -- 0 Las Vegas 9 10 0 0 -- 19 Scoring Summary 1st Quarter: LAS - FG Mccallum 23, 6:12. Drive: 10 plays, 54 yards in 6:12. Key plays: Clement 15-yard pass to Floyd to New York 24; 18-yard pass interference penalty on New York on 3rd-and-13 to New York 9. LA Vegas 3-0 LAS - TD Brady 14 pass from R Clement, 15:00. Drive: 12 plays, 87 yards in 6:52. Key plays: Clement 33-yard pass to Furrey to New York 27. LA Vegas 9-0 2nd Quarter: LAS - FG Mccallum 31, 5:52. LA Vegas 12-0 LAS - TD Jenkins 27 pass from R Clement (R Clement pass to Palelei for conversion), 11:47. Drive: 2 plays, 42 yards in 1:02. Key plays: 16-yard punt retun by Las Vegas plus 15-yard personal foul penalty on Hitmen to New York 42. LA Vegas 19-0 3rd Quarter: none 4th Quarter: none Team Stats NY/NJ Las Vegas First Downs 17 9 Rushing 4 2 Passing 10 7 Penalty 3 0 3rd-Down Efficiency 1-11 4-14 4th-Down Efficiency 0-3 0-0 Total Net Yards 205 257 Total Plays 60 58 Average Gain 3.4 4.4 Net Yards Rushing 61 91 Rushes 14 27 Average per rush 4.4 3.4 Net Yards Passing 144 166 Completed-attempted 18-40 13-28 Yards per pass 3.1 5.4 Sacked-yards lost 6-61 3-22 Passes intercepted 2 0 Punts- Average 6-45.0 7-43.3 Return Yardage 220 90 Punts- returns 7-94 6-48 Kickoffs- returns 5-126 1-42 Interceptions- returns 0-0 2-0 Penalties- Yards 7-68 9-57 Fumbles- Lost 3-0 1-0 Time of Possession 27:17 32:43 Player Statistics Missed field goals: NY/NJj (Araguz 53). NY/NJ rushing: Elias 6-45, Co Mcguffey 4-19, Philyaw 3-3, Puleri 1-minus 6. Las Vegas rushing: Smart 13-46, Chukwuma 7-28, Snell 4-11, R Clement 3-6. NY/NJ passing: Co Mcguffey 9-16 for 103 yards, 0 INT, 0 TD, Puleri 6-19 for 71 yards, 1 INT, 0 TD, Richardson 3-5 for 31 yards, 1 INT, 0 TD. Las Vegas passing: R Clement 13-28 for 188 yards, 0 INT, 2 TD. NY/NJ receiving: Brock 8-97, Dicosmo 4-38, Davis 2-37, Philyaw 2-20, Hinton 1-15, Elias 1-minus 2. Las Vegas receiving: Brady 3-29, Smart 2-48, Bech 2-22, Snell 2-13, Furrey 1-33, Jenkins 1-27, Floyd 1-15, Chukwuma 1-1. NY/NJ tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial): Merkerson 8-1-0, Hanks 2-5-0, Trout 5-1-0, Raybon 5-1-1, Talton 3-1-1, Wheeler 3-0-0, Fields 1-2-0, Maumalanga 1-2-0, Caldwell 2-0-0, Slay 2-0-1, Davis 1-0-0, Dar Dar 1-0-0, Tate 1-0-0, Peters 1-0-0, Collins 0-1-0. Las Vegas tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial): J Williams 5-1-0, K Blackwell 5-0-0, Kaiser 4-1-0, Bayne 4-0-1, Kinney 3-1-2, Tuipala 3-1-1, Sanders 3-0-0, James 2-1-0, Jo Jackson 2-1-0, Simpson 2-0-1, Bech 2-0-0, A Edwards 2-0-1, Ma Willis 2-0-0, Crawford 1-1-0, Mason 1-0-0, Belli 1-0-0, Rubio 1-0-0, Tarver 1-0-0, Scott 1-0-0, Smart 0-1-0. Interceptions: Las Vegas (Tarver 1 for 0 yards, Sanders 1 for 0 yards). Fumbles lost: None. Opponent's fumbles recovered: None. A: 30,389; T: 0:00. Ryan Clement threw for 188 yards and two touchdowns to lead the Las Vegas Outlaws past the New York/New Jersey Hitmen, 19-0, in the inaugural game for both XFL teams. Clement, a standout at the University of Miami, completed 13-of-28 passes and did most of his damage in the first half. He completed passes to eight different receivers, including three to tight end end Ricky Brady and two to running back Rod Smart. Las Vegas received the ball first and scored the league's first points when Andy McCallum booted a 33-yard field goal. The Outlaws held the ball for over six minutes and gained 54 yards before the drive finally stalled. After holding New York/New Jersey on its first possession, Las Vegas got back the ball and went on another long drive before pushing the lead to nine points on a fluke play. With seconds remaining in the first quarter, Clement let go a pass that deflected off the arm of Hitmen linebacker Ben Hanks to the back of the end zone, where Brady cradled it for the Outlaws' first TD. Brady was also alone on the extra point attempt but dropped an easy pass. Las Vegas extended its lead to 12 points when McCallum kicked a 31-yard field goal early in the second quarter before Clement found Nakia Jenkins from 27 yards with 6:06 remaining before halftime. The Outlaws capped the scoring when Clement hooked up with former New York Jets offensive lineman Lonnie Palelei on the extra point. New York could not get anything going offensively for most of the game, gaining just 217 yards. Charles Puleri was 6-of-19 for 70 yards and an interception before suffering a concussion in the third quarter. Corte McGuffrey relived Puleri and was much more effective, completing 11-of-19 for 118 yards. Former Penn State standout Wally Richardson also played and threw for 15 yards and an interception. New York/New Jersey's lone threat came in the fourth quarter when it reached the Las Vegas 7. But it lost the ball on downs following a sack. Former New York Giant Keith Eilas was New York/New Jersey's top rusher with 45 yards. Fred Brock caught eight passes for 96 yards. The pregame festivities began with fireworks and league owner Vince McMahon addressing the crowd, ending the speech by exclaiming, "This is the XFL." Former NFL great Dick Butkus, the XFL's director of football competition, then came out and told the fans that possession will be determined by two players trying to grab a football stationed at midfield. Las Vegas safety Jamel Williams and New York/New Jersey's Donnie Caldwell were the participants, with Williams finally gathering the ball after it was momentarily jostled around. NBC broadcast the game and used introduced several aspects not seen during an NFL game. Cameramen were usually seen on the field to get close-ups of the huddle and post-play taunting. A field reporter was used to get interviews on the field and the sidelines. A boom microphone was stationed above the field and picked up the players introducing themselves to the crowd as well as the signal calls at the line of scrimmage. TV: NBC Announcers: Matt Vasgersian, Jesse Ventura, Fred Roggin, Mike Adamle HITMEN HEAD COACH: Rusty Tillman PLAYERS TO WATCH: QB Charles Puleri, RB Keith Elias, RB Dino Philyaw, DE Dwayne Saab, LB Ron Merkerson. ON THE BALL: The Hitmen will put the ball in the hands of Bronx native Puleri, who has starred in the CFL, AFL and NFL Europe. Coach Tillman will stress special teams, and rightfully so under XFL rules, and what better foot soldier than Keith Elias to lead the charge. DIGGING IN: Hitmen RB coach Joe Lombardi is the grandson of coaching legend Vince Lombardi. INJURIES: DOUBTFUL - Chris Brantley (Hamstring). PROBABLE - Lamont Bryant (thumb), David Camacho (knee), Kirby Dar-Dar (groin). OUTLAWS HEAD COACH: Jim Criner PLAYERS TO WATCH: QB Ryan Clement, LB Kurt Gouveia, C David Diaz-Infante, DT Carl Simpson, DB Brandon Sanders. ON THE BALL: Criner's modified west-coast offense will favor the pass over the run, especially with a versatile trio of wideouts in Mike Furrey, Todd Floyd and Nakia Jenkins. Look for RB Rod Smart to do the work when the Outlaws go to the ground game. DIGGING IN: Chuck Clements was poised to start at QB for the Outlaws before suffering a sprained right (throwing) shoulder in the pre-season. Ryan Clement takes over the starting reigns as Clements is expected to return for week two. INJURIES: PROBABLE - Jon Blackman (ankle), Keith Jennings (quad), Patrick Kesi (calf), Kevin Scott (calf), Marcel Willis (shoulder and ankle). Chicago 10 6 6 7 -- 29 Orlando 6 15 6 6 -- 33 Scoring Summary 1st Quarter: ORL - TD Swayne 51 pass from Brohm, 3:34. Drive: 1 play, 51 yards in 0:12. Orlando 6-0 CHI - FG Crosland 35, 8:54. Drive: 10 plays, 62 yards in 4:20. Key plays: Bailey 42-yard run to Orlando 20. Orlando 6-3 CHI - TD Lester 3 run (Johnson run for conversion), 11:31. Drive: 3 plays, 32 yards in 1:36. Key plays: Ivy interception return to Orlando 32. Chicago 10-6 2nd Quarter: ORL - TD D Clark 4 run (pat failed), 3:08. Drive: 12 plays, 72 yards in 6:34. Key plays: Brohm 13-yard pass to Bailey to Chicago 23; Brohm 11-yard pass to Houston on 3rd-and-2 to Chicago 4. Orlando 12-10 ORL - TD Burks 3 pass from Brohm (pat failed), 12:53. Drive: 11 plays, 95 yards in 5:37. Key plays: Brohm 26-pard pass to Hart to Chicago 39; Brohm 34-yard pass to Bailey to Chicago 1. Orlando 18-10 ORL - FG Taylor 47, 13:37. Orlando 21-10 CHI - TD Avery 68 pass from Lester (pat failed), 14:01. Orlando 21-16 3rd Quarter: ORL - TD Burks 30 pass from Brohm, 5:38. Drive: 3 plays, 31 yards in 1:23. Orlando 27-16 CHI - TD Avery 64 pass from Lester (pat failed), 6:44. Orlando 27-22 4th Quarter: ORL - TD Burks 11 pass from Brohm (pat failed), 8:32. Drive: 1 play, 11 yards in 0:08. Key plays: Banks 24-yard interception return to Chicago 11. Orlando 33-22 CHI - TD Tate 16 pass from Lester (Johnson run for conversion), 13:57. Drive: 10 plays, 80 yards in 3:00. Key plays: Lester 21-yard pass to Avery to Chicago 48; Lester 14-yard pass to Yarborough to Orlando 38. Orlando 33-29 Team Stats Chicago Orlando First Downs 16 19 Rushing 7 8 Passing 7 9 Penalty 2 2 3rd-Down Efficiency 3-10 4-11 4th-Down Efficiency 2-2 0-1 Total Net Yards 342 335 Total Plays 54 59 Average Gain 6.3 5.7 Net Yards Rushing 210 129 Rushes 32 36 Average per rush 6.6 3.6 Net Yards Passing 132 206 Completed-attempted 13-21 14-22 Yards per pass 6.0 9.0 Sacked-yards lost 1-7 1-11 Passes intercepted 2 1 Punts- Average 5-33.2 4-41.8 Return Yardage 154 176 Punts- returns 4-29 5-28 Kickoffs- returns 6-109 6-120 Interceptions- returns 1-16 2-28 Penalties- Yards 8-57 9-78 Fumbles- Lost 1-1 0-0 Time of Possession 29:05 30:51 Player Statistics Missed field goals: None. Chicago rushing: Avery 25-157, Bailey 1-40, Lester 3-12, Johnson 3-1. Orlando rushing: D Clark 16-62, M Black 15-52, Shay 3-12, Brohm 2-3. Chicago passing: Lester 12-20 for 134 yards, 2 INT, 3 TD, Failla 1-1 for 5 yards, 0 INT, 0 TD. Orlando passing: Brohm 14-22 for 217 yards, 1 INT, 4 TD. Chicago receiving: Avery 3-93, Yarborough 3-22, Tate 3-minus 3, Preston 1-10, Lord 1-8, Johnson 1-6, Armstrong 1-3. Orlando receiving: Burks 5-53, Bailey 3-60, Swayne 2-56, Huston 2-15, Hart 1-26, Shay 1-7. Chicago tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial): Baisley 8-0-0, Austin 6-0-0, Chorak 5-1-0, Humphrey 4-2-0, Dailey 5-0-1, Cooks 4-0-0, Finkes 3-0-0, Ivy 3-0-0, Sasa 3-0-0, Brew 2-0-0, Fitzpatrick 2-0-0, Lord 2-0-0, Egbunlwe 1-0-0, D Anderson 1-0-0, Wiley 1-0-0, K Mccullar 0-1-0. Orlando tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial): Gilliard 6-1-0, Brown 4-2-0, Burgess 5-0-0, Banks 5-0-0, Anderson 4-0-0, Huff 2-1-1, Duff 2-1-0, Alexander 2-1-0, Cummings 2-1-0, Young 2-0-0, Fisher 1-1-0, Shay 1-0-0, Roberson 1-0-0, Culver 1-0-0, Malveaux 1-0-0. Interceptions: Chicago (Ivy 1 for 16 yards); Orlando (Fisher 1 for 28 yards, Team 1 for 0 yards). Fumbles lost: Chicago (Purnell). Opponent's fumbles recovered: Orlando (Banks). Officials: Referee-Witvoet, Umpire-Ellison, Head linesman-Mckenzie, Line judge-Hoffman, Back judge-Steed, Side judge-Chesney, Field judge-Engelberts. A: 35,603; T: 3:25. Jeff Brohm threw four touchdown passes, including three to Dialleo Burks, as the Orlando Rage held on for a 33-29 victory over the Chicago Enforcers on the inaugural night of XFL. Brohm, a former Louisville standout and Orlando's first-round draft pick, completed 14-of-22 passes for 217 yards. Burks had five receptions for 53 yards as the Rage took advantage of their strength through the air. The Enforcers threw a "Hail Mary" pass with four seconds to go but Stephen Fisher's interception sealed the victory for the Rage. The Rage drove 72 yards in 12 plays and scored on Derrick Clark's four-yard run for a 12-10 lead early in the second quarter that they never relinquished. John Avery led the Enforcers in both rushing and receiving. The former first-round pick of the Miami Dolphins gained 157 yards on 25 carries, including a 64-yard scamper, and 93 yards on three catches, including a 68-yard TD. Chicago quarterback Tim Lester completed 12-of-20 passes for 134 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. Rage running backs Derrick Clark and Michael Black combined for 31 carries, 114 yards and a touchdown. TV: None (NBC will provide cut-ins during the NY/NJ-Las Vegas game) Announcers: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Jonathan Coachman ENFORCERS HEAD COACH: Ron Meyer PLAYERS TO WATCH: RB John Avery, RB LeShon Johnson, QB Tim Lester, LB Jamie Baisley, S Ray Austin. ON THE BALL: Operating out of a one-back set, the Enforcers will feature the talented John Avery, but will also use another NFL vet, LeShon Johnson. Look for the running game to set up the aerial attack to Ryan Yarborough and Aaron Bailey, as well as TE Tyji Armstrong underneath. DIGGING IN: With some inexperience at the QB position, look for Meyer to possibly make a switch to Paul Failla or Kevin McDougal if Lester falters on Saturday. INJURIES: OUT - Steve Conley (quad). QUESTIONABLE - Jason Chorak (lower leg). PROBABLE - Tyji Armstrong (thumb), John Avery (back), Aaron Humphery (quad), Chris Perez (hamstring), Roell Preston (hamstring), William Tate (ankle). RAGE HEAD COACH: Galen Hall PLAYERS TO WATCH: QB Jeff Brohm, RB Derrick Clark, WR Mario Bailey, WR Kevin Swayne, LB Joe Cummings. ON THE BALL: The Rage wants to run first, and will do so with bruising RB Derrick Clark out of a one-back set. The passing game will be possession-oriented with the experienced Jeff Brohm working out of short drops and timing patterns, but WR Mario Bailey can stretch the defense. DIGGING IN: After running big Derrick Clark, look for the Rage to come back with the pass-catching ability and break-away speed of RB Michael Black, especially on third downs. INJURIES: DOUBTFUL - Sedrick Clark (groin). QUESTIONABLE - Ken Anderson (quad), Michael Black (hand). Sun 2/4/01 Memphis 6 13 3 0 -- 22 Birmingham 0 7 7 6 -- 20 Scoring Summary 1st Quarter: MEM - TD Salaam 39 run (pat failed), 10:48. Drive: 6 plays, 72 yards in 2:50. Key plays: Crandell 17-yard pass to Prentiss to Birmingham 39. Memphis 6-0. 2nd Quarter: MEM - TD Hobbs 49 pass from M Crandell (Salaam run for conversion), 1:01. Drive: 3 plays, 70 yards in 1:23. Key plays: Crandell 18-yard pass to Hobbs to Birmingham 49. Memphis 13-0. MEM - TD Salaam 1 run (pat failed), 7:52. Drive: 6 plays, 25 yards in 3:54. Key plays: Clark 17-yard interception return to Birmingham 25;. Memphis 19-0. BIR - TD Gourdine 15 pass from Weldon (Weldon pass to E Smith for conversion), 13:47. Drive: 14 plays, 75 yards in 5:47. Key plays: Weldon 17-yard pass to Williams to Memphis 36; Bostic 21-yard run to Memphis 15. Memphis 19-7. 3rd Quarter: BIR - TD Bostic 3 run (Weldon pass to S Smith for conversion), 2:02. Drive: 4 plays, 81 yards in 1:34. Key plays: Weldon 50-yard pass to Bostic to Memphis 3. Memphis 19-14. MEM - FG Hall 40, 11:32. Drive: 7 plays, 67 yards in 3:26. Key plays: Crandell 26-yard pass to Prentiss to Birmingham 39; Salaam 13-yard run to Birmingham 26. Memphis 22-14 4th Quarter: BIR - TD Q Jackson 33 pass from Weldon (pat failed), 14:38. Drive: 8 plays, 77 yards in 1:20. Key plays: Weldon 13-yard pass to Bostic Birmingham 36; Weldon 13-yard pass to Williams to Memphis 47. Memphis 22-20. Team Stats Memphis Birmingham First Downs 18 21 Rushing 11 6 Passing 7 14 Penalty 0 1 3rd-Down Efficiency 5-10 7-14 4th-Down Efficiency 0-1 1-1 Total Net Yards 312 358 Total Plays 55 59 Average Gain 5.7 6.1 Net Yards Rushing 153 52 Rushes 33 16 Average per rush 4.6 3.3 Net Yards Passing 159 306 Completed-attempted 11-19 24-42 Yards per pass 7.2 7.1 Sacked-yards lost 3-14 1-6 Passes intercepted 1 1 Punts- Average 3-31.7 3-30.7 Return Yardage 130 94 Punts- returns 3-59 2-5 Kickoffs- returns 4-54 5-89 Interceptions- returns 1-17 1-0 Penalties- Yards 5-52 7-40 Fumbles- Lost 0-0 1-1 Time of Possession 30:19 29:41 Player Statistics Missed field goals: Birmingham (Palazzo 58). Memphis rushing: Salaam 27-154, Moss 2-4, Kitts 1-3, M Crandell 2-2, Prentiss 1-minus 10. Birmingham rushing: Bostic 13-39, Weldon 3-13. Memphis passing: M Crandell 11-19 for 173 yards, 1 INT, 1 TD. Birmingham passing: Weldon 24-42 for 312 yards, 1 INT, 2 TD. Memphis receiving: Prentiss 7-94, Hobbs 2-67, Salaam 2-12. Birmingham receiving: S Williams 6-72, S Smith 5-43, Q Jackson 4-66, Bostic 2-63, Gourdine 2-31, E Smith 2-25, Mcguire 2-10, Alexander 1-2. Memphis tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial): J Williams 7-1-0, Marshall 3-3-0, Peoples 3-2-0, Sawyer 3-2-0, Hogans 2-3-0, Rheams 1-3-0, Carver 1-3-0, Clark 2-1-0, Cobb 0-3-0, Menafee 2-0-0, Kellogg 2-0-0, Yamada 1-1-0, C Stiles 0-2-0, Kitts 1-0-0, Lawless 1-0-1, Lacoste 0-1-0, B Morgan 0-1-0, Sapp 0-1-0, Ma Thomas 0-1-0. Birmingham tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial): J Willis 5-4-0, Scott 4-3-1, Preston 4-2-1, Foxx 2-4-0, Butler 4-1-0, Reese 3-1-0, C Jackson 3-1-0, Mitchell 2-2-1, Shelling 2-2-0, Brumbaugh 2-0-0, Sloan 2-0-0, T Jones 1-1-0, Mcguire 1-0-0, Knott 0-1-0. Interceptions: Memphis (Clark 1 for 17 yards); Birmingham (T Jones 1 for 0 yards). Fumbles lost: Birmingham (S Smith). Opponent's fumbles recovered: Memphis (Cobb). Officials: Referee-Info, Umpire-Info, Head linesman-Info, Line judge-Info, Back judge-Info, Side judge-Info, Field judge-Info. A: 35,321; T: 0:00. Though the XFL failed to provide hot showers for the losers of Sunday's Memphis-Birmingham opener, credit the upstart league with adding new sizzle to one of football's oldest themes. What distinguished the 22-20 victory by the Memphis Maniax against the Birmingham Thunderbolts was the way the XFL jumped on the league's first quarterback controversy and stoked it to a maximum that never would have been indulged in the staid NFL. A gate of 35,321 was attending at Legion Field, where so many memorable chapters of Alabama college football have played out. So it was no secret that the crowd would rev up instantly for any tie to Crimson Tide history. That opportunity quickly surfaced, as Birmingham starting quarterback Casey Weldon got off to a slow start while Memphis built an early 19-0 lead. Standing on the sideline for Birmingham was Jay Barker, the quarterback who guided 'Bama to a national championship in 1992. With the home crowd booing Weldon as if he were a pro-wrestling villain, the XFL camera crew fueled the fervor by flashing Barker's image on the Jumbotron screen. Chants of "We want Barker" naturally ensued, and the volume increased with each incompletion by Weldon. Weldon, the 1991 Heisman Trophy runnerup for Florida State, eventually rescued himself by engineering a pair of second-quarter touchdown drives. After the second one, an in-game interview on the video board with Weldon began with, "Casey, a minute ago, this crowd was booing your performance. " Weldon's response will forever remain a mystery. It was drowned out by the day's loudest boos. "That's the XFL. I don't have a problem with that," said Weldon, who finished the day with a redeeming set of stats — 23-for-41 for 300 yards. Weldon acknowledged he'll always be considered the outsider on a Birmingham roster that includes Barker, and said, "I'm just thankful the fans remember our college days, because we haven't done much since then." Birmingham defensive back Chris Shelling was notably less accepting of the lack of hot water in the 'Bolts showers. "Get your butt whipped, and you can't take a shower," Shelling said. "You got to dress and go. It's ridiculous." Shelling's mood also might have been affected by seeing Memphis running back Rashaan Salaam shred Birmingham's defense for 156 yards on 27 carries. The 1994 Heisman Trophy winner for Colorado believed he had made a genuine step back toward the NFL. "I see this league taking over for the CFL, taking over for the NFL Europe," Salaam said. On-field hits were enhanced by sound effects over stadium speakers, apparently to good advantage with the young, male demographic the XFL is courting. Asked what he liked most about the game, 24-year-old Jeff Eakin of Stevenson, Ala., said, "The hard hits." Eakin judged the physical level of play as "better than the NFL." But the XFL did fail to deliver on its promise of hyper-eroticism from cheerleaders. Unlike the emphasis on the quarterback controversy, only one bump-and-wiggle routine by a Birmingham cheerleader was put on the video board in the first half. And the cheerleading crew wasn't featured in its entirety on the Jumbotron until midway through the third quarter. The most popular part of Legion Field, however, was the area behind the cheerleaders' sideline stage. There, an almost entirely male contingent of fans was allowed to gather. It stood shoulder-to-shoulder for much of the game. TV: None (UPN will provide cut-ins during the LA-San Francisco game) Announcers: Craig Minervini, Bob Golic, Lee Reherman, Kip Lewis MANIAX HEAD COACH: Kippy Brown PLAYERS TO WATCH: QB Marcus Crandell, RB Rashaan Salaam, WR Alvin Harper, LB Paul Lacoste, DE Marvin Thomas ON THE BALL: Another former RB coach, Brown's offense will focus on the ground game, and why not with Heisman Trophy winner Rashaan Salaam in the backfield. Salaam will run behind a fullback and two tight ends most of the time. QB Marcus Crandell brings athleticism to the QB position, and has a strong stable of WRs in Alvin Harper, Kevin Prentiss, Charles Jordan and Darryl Hobbs. DIGGING IN: You may see Beau Morgan just about everywhere for the Maniax, as the former Air Force star could see time at RB, WR, QB, DB and will also be the holder on field goals. INJURIES: PROBABLE - David Brandon (groin), Deon Cooper (knee), Charles Jordan (hip flexor), Kevin Peoples (knee), Roosevelt Potts (hip flexor), Tim Seymour (ankle). THUNDERBOLTS HEAD COACH: Gerry DiNardo PLAYERS TO WATCH: QB Casey Weldon, QB Jay Barker, OT Ed King, LB James Willis, S Calvin Jackson. ON THE BALL: The Bolts will run a West-Coast offense built around Weldon, mainly a one-back offense featuring RB James Bostic. Weldon's vertical passing attack will take what the defense gives him, but he will not be afraid to look down the field to WRs Stepfret Williams and Quincy Jackson. DIGGING IN: Weldon will need to perform to keep hometown hero and backup QB Jay Barker, a former University of Alabama star, on the sidelines. INJURIES: PROBABLE - Ryan Thomassie (knee), Scott Thompson (knee). Los Angeles 0 7 0 6 -- 13 San Francisco 6 0 0 9 -- 15 Scoring Summary 1st Quarter: SF - TD Dunbar 3 pass from Pawlawski, 11:29. Drive: 12 plays, 39 yards in 6:13. Key plays: Pawlawski 19-yard pass to Roberson to Los Angeles 24; Johnson 11-yard run to Los Angeles 1. San Francisco 6-0. 2ND Quarter: LA - TD Mcdonald 28 pass from Maddox (R Shehee run for conversion), 14:22. Drive: 6 plays, 40 yards in 3:20. Los Angeles 7-6. 3rd Quarter: None 4th Quarter: LA - FG Cortez 35, 2:37. Drive: 6 plays, 38 yards in 2:28. Key plays: Maddux 19-yard pass to Rachal to San Francisco 25. Los Angeles 10-6. SF - TD Schexnayder 32 pass from Pawlawski, 4:57. San Francisco 12-10. LA - FG Cortez 25, 11:05. Drive: 4 plays, 5 yards in 1:30. Los Angeles 13-12. SF - FG Panasuk 33, 15:00. Drive: 12 plays, 57 yards in 3:55. Key plays: Pawlawski 17-yard pass to Roberson to San Francisco 40. San Francisco 15-13. Team Stats Los Angeles San Francisco First Downs 11 21 Rushing 3 5 Passing 6 16 Penalty 2 0 3rd-Down Efficiency 2-9 9-16 4th-Down Efficiency 0-0 1-1 Total Net Yards 207 334 Total Plays 43 70 Average Gain 4.8 4.8 Net Yards Rushing 44 77 Rushes 15 19 Average per rush 2.9 4.1 Net Yards Passing 163 257 Completed-attempted 15-27 31-47 Yards per pass 5.8 5.0 Sacked-yards lost 1-1 4-31 Passes intercepted 1 0 Punts- Average 4-42.0 4-42.8 Return Yardage 105 72 Punts- returns 4-53 3-21 Kickoffs- returns 3-52 3-51 Interceptions- returns 0-0 1-0 Penalties- Yards 8-52 15-121 Fumbles- Lost 1-1 3-2 Time of Possession 23:14 36:46 Player Statistics Missed field goals: Los Angeles (Cortez 29); San Francisco (Biancamano 42). Los Angeles rushing: R Shehee 13-37, Maddox 1-6, Oxendine 1-1. San Francisco rushing: Cunningham 1-27, J Johnson 2-20, Pawlawski 4-13, Dunbar 10-10, Hundon 1-5, Young 1-2. Los Angeles passing: Maddox 15-27 for 164 yards, 1 INT, 1 TD. San Francisco passing: Pawlawski 31-47 for 288 yards, 0 INT, 2 TD. Los Angeles receiving: Copeland 6-59, Rachal 4-49, Mcdonald 2-42, R Shehee 2-5, Leatherwood 1-9. San Francisco receiving: Roberson 12-127, Schexnayder 4-59, Hundon 3-28, Cunningham 3-25, Dunbar 3-14, J Johnson 2-22, Roche 2-7, Young 1-3, Odonnell 1-3. Los Angeles tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial): Parker 7-0-0, Billups 6-1-0, Ea Johnson 6-0-0, Russell 6-0-0, Evans 3-2-1, Eason 3-0-0, Keneley 3-0-0, Stuckey 2-1-0, Mcgee 2-1-1, Abraham 1-2-0, Durden 2-0-0, Crafts 2-0-0, Herrin 1-1-0, Mack 1-0-0, Lowe 1-0-0, Himebauch 1-0-0, R Shehee 1-0-0, Long 1-0-0, Stallings 1-0-1, Team 0-0-1. San Francisco tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial): Davis 6-0-0, D Thomas 3-1-0, Haskins 2-2-0, J Williams 3-0-0, Sutton 3-0-0, England 2-1-1, G Williams 2-1-0, Kaesviharn 1-2-0, Joseph 2-0-0, Floyd 2-0-0, J Johnson 1-1-0, Miles 1-0-0, Harper 1-0-0, Noah 1-0-0, Hansen 0-1-0, Destefano 0-1-0. Interceptions: San Francisco (Kaesviharn 1 for 0 yards). Fumbles lost: Los Angeles (Maddox); San Francisco (Roberson 2). Opponent's fumbles recovered: Los Angeles (Long, Parker); San Francisco (Team). Officials: Referee-Info, Umpire-Info, Head linesman-Info, Line judge-Info, Back judge-Info, Side judge-Info, Field judge-Info. A: 38,000; T: 3:30. Mike Panasuk kicked a 33-yard field goal with no time left to give the San Francisco Demons a 15-13 victory over the Los Angeles Xtreme as the XFL made its Bay Area debut in front of a sellout crowd on Sunday. Mike Pawlawski was 31-of-47 for 289 yards and threw two touchdowns passes for the Demons in the first professional football game at Pac Bell Park. Jose Cortez kicked a 25-yard field goal with less than four minutes to play to give the Xtreme a 13-12 lead, but the Demons marched down the field to grab the victory. Brian Roberson caught 12 passes for 127 yards, but was nearly the goat when he fumbled the ball late in the game to set up Cortez's field goal. Pawlawski's 32-yard scoring pass to Calvin Schexnayder early in the fourth quarter erased a 10-6 deficit. San Francisco's Kevin Kaesviharn intercepted Tommy Maddox's pass at the San Francisco 3 to stop one Los Angeles threat, but Roberson fumbled three plays later. Pawlawski's 3-yard pass to Vaughn Dunbar gave the Demons a 6-0 lead with 3:31 left in the first quarter. That touchdown was set up when Eric Englund recovered an Xtreme fumble. Terrance Joseph knocked the ball loose from Maddox's hands on a pass attempt. Darnell McDonald caught a 28-yard scoring toss from Maddox late in the second quarter, and Rashaan Sheshe's run put the Xtreme in front at halftime, 7-6. Cortez added a 36-yard field goal with 12:23 left to play. In an attempt to make the game interactive, players and fans were interviewed immediately following good and bad plays with mixed results. The public address announcer even got into the act, proclaiming "Nice pass, moron," to Maddox after an incomplete pass. Demons' linebacker Jon Haskins and McDonald got into a shoving match on a play that resulted in Haskins' kicking McDonald's helmet about 20 yards. TV: UPN Announcers: Chris Marlowe, Brian Bosworth, Michael Barkann, Chris Wragge XTREME HEAD COACH: Al Luginbill PLAYERS TO WATCH: QB Tommy Maddox, RB Rashaan Shehee, WR Jermaine Copeland, WR Darnell McDonald, DE Jamal Duff. ON THE BALL: May be the XFL's most potent offense, with Maddox at the helm and Copeland and McDonald leading a dangerous receiving corps. While LA will use many four- and five-receiver sets, Shehee will keep defenses honest from the tailback position. Xtreme also has QB Scott Milanovich pushing Maddox. DIGGING IN: Copeland held the pro football record for most reception in a single game (19 with the Barcelona Dragons) until Terrell Owens' 20 catches this season in the NFL. LOS ANGELES XTREME: QUESTIONABLE: Matt Keneley (ankle), Nate Miller (calf). PROBABLE: Terry Billups (hamstring), Curtis Eason (hamstring), Leomont Evans (shoulder and foot), Frank Leatherwood (shoulder), Larry Ryans (achilles/finger). DEMONS HEAD COACH: Jim Skipper PLAYERS TO WATCH: QB Mike Pawlawski, RB Vaughn Dunbar, WR James Hundon, LB Craig Powell, CB Dwayne Harper. ON THE BALL: A former RB coach in the NFL, Skipper will look to pound the ball through Dunbar and FB Jamie Reader out of one-and two-back sets. When the Demons go to the air, they will look to the speed of Hundon, as well as underneath to TE Brian Roche, one of the better pass-catching tight ends in the league. DIGGING IN: While not a starter, the Demons like the versatility of RB Juan Johnson, who can excel at both the tailback and fullback positions. INJURIES: OUT - Sam Manuel (hamstring). PROBABLE - Michael Kiselak (knee), Jermaine Miles (calf), Dave Thomas (groin). week2 Chicago 12 13 0 0 7 0 32 Los Angeles 6 7 0 12 7 7 39 Scoring Summary 1st Quarter: CHI - TD Avery 28 run (pat failed), 3:00. Drive: 3 plays, 83 yards in 1:50. Key plays: Lester 50-yard pass to Bailey to Los Angeles 33. Chicago 6-0 LA - TD Maddox 1 run, 9:31. Drive: 13 plays, 79 yards in 6:00. Key plays: Maddox 11-yard pass to Copeland to Los Angeles 32; Shambee 10-yard run to Los Angeles 49; Maddox 15-yard pass to Copeland to Chicago 39; Maddox 10-yard pass to McDonald to Chicago 13. Chicago 6, Los Angeles 6 CHI - TD Bailey 46 pass from Lester, 10:30. Drive: 3 plays, 61 yards in 0:59. Chicago 12-6 2ND Quarter: CHI - TD Rogers 2 return of blocked punt, 9:04. Chicago 18-6 LA - TD Mcdonald 15 pass from Maddox (Oxendine run for conversion), 11:25. Drive: 1 play, 15 yards in 0:07. Key plays: Evans recovery of Avery fumble at Chicago 15. Chicago 18-13. CHI - TD Johnson 1 run (Johnson run for conversion), 13:47. Drive: 5 plays, 70 yards in 2:22. Key plays: Lester 65-yard pass to Avery to Los Angeles 5. Chicago 25-13. 3rd Quarter: None 4th Quarter: LA - TD Dunn 8 pass from Maddox, 12:01. Drive: 10 plays, 75 yards in 4:05. Key plays: Maddox 11-yard pass to Copeland to Los Angeles 36; Maddox 9-yard pass to Copeland to Los Angeles 45; Maddox 10-yard run to Chicago 45; 14-yard personal foul penalty on Enforcers to Chicago 20. Chicago 25-19. LA - TD Oxendine 1 run, 14:31. Drive: 9 plays, 49 yards in 1:09. Key plays: Maddox 12-yard pass to Rachal to Chicago 37; Maddox 23-yard pass to Copeland to Chicago 1. Chicago 25, Los Angeles 25. 1st OT: CHI - TD Avery 12 pass from Lester (Lester run for conversion). Drive: 3 plays, 20 yards. Chicago 32-25 LA - TD Copeland 20 pass from Maddox (Maddox pass to Copeland for conversion). Chicago 32, Los Angeles 32. 2nd OT: LA - TD McDonald pass from Maddox (Oxendine run for conversion). Los Angeles 39, Chicago 32. Team Stats Chicago Los Angeles First Downs 11 34 Rushing 5 6 Passing 5 26 Penalty 1 2 3rd-Down Efficiency 4-11 7-15 4th-Down Efficiency 0-0 2-3 Total Net Yards 295 448 Total Plays 46 87 Average Gain 6.4 5.1 Net Yards Rushing 96 59 Rushes 24 18 Average per rush 4.0 3.3 Net Yards Passing 199 389 Completed-attempted 11-19 38-66 Yards per pass 9.0 5.6 Sacked-yards lost 3-21 3-23 Passes intercepted 0 2 Punts- Average 6-36.8 3-44.0 Return Yardage 140 163 Punts- returns 3-44 6-60 Kickoffs- returns 5-96 5-103 Interceptions- returns 2-0 0-0 Penalties- Yards 8-59 5-45 Fumbles- Lost 1-1 0-0 Time of Possession 30:26 29:34 Player Statistics Missed field goals: Chicago (Crosland 37); Los Angeles (Cortez 34, 34). Chicago rushing: Avery 15-69, Lester 3-12, Johnson 5-3, Wiley 1-2, Team 0-10. Los Angeles rushing: R Shehee 8-36, Oxendine 7-12, Maddox 3-11. Chicago passing: Lester 11-19 for 220 yards, 0 INT, 2 TD. Los Angeles passing: Maddox 38-65 for 412 yards, 2 INT, 3 TD, Copeland 0-1 for 0 yards, 0 INT, 0 TD. Chicago receiving: Avery 3-84, Lord 3-23, Bailey 2-96, Preston 2-14, Johnson 1-3. Los Angeles receiving: Copeland 17-190, Mcdonald 7-85, Rachal 6-63, Ryans 5-55, Dunn 1-8, R Shehee 1-6, Leatherwood 1-5. Chicago tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial): Saunders 7-2-0, Q Coleman 6-3-0, Finkes 4-3-0, Humphrey 4-2-2, Cooks 3-3-0, Baisley 4-1-0, Brew 3-2-0, Austin 2-3-0, Do Mccall 3-0-0, Bray 3-0-0, Mathis 2-0-0, Chorak 2-0-0, Dailey 1-1-0, Sasa 0-2-0, Johnson 1-0-0, Rogers 1-0-0, Crosland 1-0-0, Wiley 1-0-0, Ivy 1-0-0, Fitzpatrick 0-1-0, Team 0-1-1. Los Angeles tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial): Russell 1-4-0, Evans 1-4-0, Mack 4-0-0, Ea Johnson 2-2-0, Herrin 3-0-0, Billups 3-0-0, Keneley 2-1-0, Stuckey 1-2-0, Duff 2-0-1, Long 2-0-0, Parker 1-1-0, Cortez 1-0-0, Ryans 1-0-0, Eason 1-0-0, Rachal 1-0-0, Austin 1-0-0, Stallings 1-0-0, Durden 0-1-0, Miller 0-1-0, Team 0-1-2, Mcgee 0-1-0. Interceptions: Chicago (Team 2 for 0 yards). Fumbles lost: Chicago (Avery). Opponent's fumbles recovered: Los Angeles (Team). Officials: Referee-Christal, Umpire-Bradley, Head linesman-Logan, Line judge-Rivera, Back judge-Battaglia, Side judge-Cavaletto, Field judge-Detiller. A: 35,813; T: 0:00. After waiting more than six years for professional football, a crowd of 35,813 witnessed perhaps the best the XFL has to offer. Tommy Maddox passed for 465 yards and four touchdowns, Jermaine Copeland had 17 receptions for 190 yards and Darnell McDonald caught the game-winning 20-yard score in the second overtime to lift the Los Angeles Xtreme to a 39-32 victory over the Chicago Enforcers at the Los Angeles Coliseum. Los Angeles (1-1) rallied from a 25-13 deficit in the final three minutes to force overtime. Maddox hit Damon Dunn with an eight-yard touchdown with 2:50 left to pull the Xtreme within 25-19. The extra point failed when Dunn was tackled short of the end zone by defensive back Troy Saunders. After the defense held, Los Angeles reached the Chicago 24, but faced a 4th-and-10. Maddox lofted a pass down the left sideline and Copeland made a leaping catch while falling backwards between two defenders at the Chicago 1 with 39 seconds left. On the next play, Ken Oxendine rushed up the middle for a touchdown, tying the game at 25-25 with 33 seconds remaining. Los Angeles had a chance to win the game in regulation, but Maddox's pass was tipped in the end zone by Enforcers safety Corey Ivy. In overtime, each team has four downs to score from the 20. But if one team scores in less than four downs, the other must match. On Chicago's third play, Tim Lester threw a 12-yard touchdown pass to John Avery and Lester rushed for the extra point, giving the Enforcers (0-2) a 32-25 lead. That forced Los Angeles to reach the end zone in three plays. After two incompletions, Maddox and Copeland connected for a 20-yard touchdown and Copeland caught the extra point to tie the game at 32-32. The Extreme had the first possession in the second overtime. After two incompletions, Maddox lofted a pass down the right sideline to McDonald for a 20-yard touchdown and Oxendine rushed for the extra point. Chicago had to score a touchdown in three plays or less to stay alive. After an incompletion and a five-yard completion, Lester sailed a pass through the end zone, sealing the win for Los Angeles. CHICAGO ENFORCERS NOTES - The Enforcers head into LA looking to even their record at 1-1 after a tough 33-29 loss at Orlando last Saturday night. - Two words: John Avery. The versatile RB will look to shine again after he lit up the Citrus Bowl with 157 yards on 25 carries, also catching three balls for 93 yards. Avery has big-play potential on every play, as he proved by breaking off a 64 with 157 yards on 25 carries, also catching three balls for 93 yards. - While pre-season questions swirled around the Chicago QB situation, Tim Lester turned in a solid performance in his first professional football game last Saturday in Orlando. The 23-year-old Wheaton, Ill. native connected on 13-21 passes for 139 yards and two touchdowns, but also had two interceptions. During the week, coach Ron Meyer moved Kevin McDougal up to #2 in the depth chart, leapfrogging Paul Failla. - Chicago is the home of the road warriors, as the Enforcers open the season with three games on the road. In fact, Ron Meyer's team is the only team to even open the season with two straight away from home. Chicago won't open at Soldier Field until February 24. - While they won't play at home this weekend, at least Chicago won't be in Florida. After 39 straight days in Orlando, the Enforcers finally get to see another state as they travel to LA for Saturday's game. Chicago started training camp in Orlando on January 1. The Enforcers will fly back to Orlando on Sunday and practice next week in Florida. The team will not actually arrive in Chicago until February 19. - When Tommy Maddox goes to the air for LA Saturday night, keep an eye on Chicago cornerback Corey Ivy, who had one interception, three tackles and also picked off an extra-point conversion attempt on Saturday in Orlando. LOS ANGELES XTREME NOTES - Professional football comes back to Los Angeles Saturday night when the Xtreme hosts the Chicago Enforcers at the LA Coliseum. LA must bounce back after a last-second heartbreaker to San Francisco, which won 15-13 on a field goal as time expired. - "We have a rule on this team. You have 24 hours to feel sorry for yourself then you are back at it." --Al Luginbill, Xtreme Head Coach. - "If we lose another game all season I will be very surprised." --Darnell McDonald, Xtreme wide receiver. - QB Scott Milanovich's wife, Jaime, is due to have the couple's first child on Saturday, the day of the game. – Milanovich says he will not miss the birth, which will take place in Southern California. - The Xtreme had several chances to score against the Demons, but managed only 13 points despite being in the red zone six times. Twice, the Xtreme forced and recovered fumbles inside the twenty, but were able to only convert for three points. - The MVP for the Xtreme this week may be the athletic trainer, as 13 players were injured in last Saturday's game. - Despite four injuries to the defensive line, the Xtreme defensive unit showed it can bring it, putting good pressure on Demon quarterback Mike Pawlawski and sacking him four times. The Xtreme allowed just 77 yards on the ground for the game. - Armed with two quarterbacks who can punt, the Xtreme took advantage of that situation in the third quarter, putting Scott Milanovich in the shotgun on third down and long. Instead of running a play, Milanovich let go a 40-yard punt. With no one back to receive it, the Xtreme's Josh Wilcox recovered the free ball first on the Demons 20 yard-line, but the play was wiped out when Wilcox was called for being offsides. - Starting QB Tommy Maddox will need to rebound from a tough day in which on his first play from scrimmage as the first quarterback in Xtreme history, he fumbled on his own 40. The ball was quickly recovered by the Demons' Eric England, and the Demons promptly went 39 yards on 11 plays to score the game's first touchdown. San Francisco 7 0 7 0 -- 14 Orlando 13 6 7 0 -- 26 Scoring Summary 1st Quarter: SF - TD Odonnell 5 pass from Pawlawski (Pawlawski pass to Cunningham for conversion), 11:39. Drive: 14 plays, 90 yards in 8:19. Key plays: Pawlawski 15-yard pass to Young to Orlando 40; Pawlawski 12-yard pass to Cunningham to Orlando 5; Pawlawski 9-of-10 for 62 yards. San Francisco 7-0. ORL - TD Bailey 49 pass from Brohm (D Clark run for conversion), 13:28. Drive: 4 plays, 71 yards in 1:43. Key plays: Clark 8-yard run to Orlando 46. San Francisco 7, Orlando 7 ORL - TD TD, Brown 20 fumble return, 13:40. Orlando 13-7 2ND Quarter: ORL - TD Shay 28 run (pat failed), 4:09. Drive: 64 plays, 7 yards in 3:37. Key plays: Black 3 carries for 23 yards. Orlando 19-7 3rd Quarter: ORL - TD D Clark 6 run (M Black run for conversion), 8:12. Drive: 6 plays, 80 yards in 3:32. Key plays: Brohm 31-pass to Burks to San Francisco 6. Orlando 26-7 SF - TD Cunningham 11 pass from Pawlawski (Pawlawski pass to Roche for conversion), 14:28. Drive: 13 plays, 93 yards in 6:16. Key plays: Pawlawski 36-yard pass to Cunningham to Orlando 43; Young 11-yard pass to Hundon to Orlando 11. Orlando 26-14 4th Quarter: None Team Stats San Francisco Orlando First Downs 24 17 Rushing 6 8 Passing 17 5 Penalty 1 4 3rd-Down Efficiency 7-14 2-9 4th-Down Efficiency 2-4 0-0 Total Net Yards 359 297 Total Plays 70 47 Average Gain 5.1 6.3 Net Yards Rushing 61 136 Rushes 16 26 Average per rush 3.8 5.2 Net Yards Passing 298 161 Completed-attempted 37-53 10-21 Yards per pass 5.5 7.7 Sacked-yards lost 1-7 0-0 Passes intercepted 1 1 Punts- Average 3-52.0 4-46.5 Return Yardage 150 89 Punts- returns 4-74 3-27 Kickoffs- returns 5-76 3-62 Interceptions- returns 1-0 1-0 Penalties- Yards 13-106 7-61 Fumbles- Lost 2-1 0-0 Time of Possession 34:35 25:25 Player Statistics Missed field goals: None. San Francisco rushing: Dunbar 6-25, J Johnson 8-24, Pawlawski 2-12. Orlando rushing: M Black 12-60, D Clark 9-45, Shay 2-34, Brohm 3-minus 3. San Francisco passing: Pawlawski 36-52 for 294 yards, 1 INT, 2 TD, Young 1-1 for 11 yards, 0 INT, 0 TD. Orlando passing: Brohm 10-21 for 161 yards, 1 INT, 1 TD. San Francisco receiving: Cunningham 10-95, Winans 6-43, Hundon 5-51, Roche 5-27, Schexnayder 4-52, J Johnson 3-5, Dunbar 2-10, Young 1-15, Reader 1-6, Team 0-1. Orlando receiving: Burks 3-50, Swayne 2-29, D Clark 2-21, Hart 2-12, Bailey 1-49. San Francisco tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial): D Thomas 8-0-0, G Williams 4-2-0, Davis 4-0-0, Kaesviharn 2-1-0, Destefano 2-1-0, Haskins 2-1-0, Miles 2-0-0, England 1-1-0, Joseph 1-0-0, Sutton 1-0-0, Harper 1-0-0, Palanuk 1-0-0, Reader 1-0-0, J Williams 1-0-0, Floyd 1-0-0. Orlando tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial): Brown 10-0-0, Burgess 9-1-0, Gilliard 7-0-0, Malveaux 5-0-0, Doster 4-0-0, Alexander 3-1-0, Banks 3-0-0, Fisher 3-0-0, Riddick 2-0-0, S Clark 1-1-0, Shay 1-0-0, Anderson 1-0-0, Clemments 1-0-0, Purvis 1-0-1, Huff 1-0-0, Campbell 0-1-0. Interceptions: San Francisco (Team 1 for 0 yards); Orlando (Brown 1 for 0 yards). Fumbles lost: San Francisco (Team). Opponent's fumbles recovered: Orlando (Brown). Officials: Referee-Lipski, Umpire-Kosman, Head linesman-Bergman, Line judge-Mcgrath, Back judge-Panucci, Side judge-Steratore, Field judge-Delvento. A: 25,049; T: 0:00. Omar Brown returned a fumble 20 yards for a touchdown late in the first quarter as the Orlando Rage remained unbeaten with a 26-14 victory over the San Francisco Demons. Brian Shaw ran 28 yards for a touchdown early in the second quarter and Derrick Clark scored on a six-yard run in the third for Orlando (2-0), which was coming off a 33-29 victory over the Chicago Enforcers. After selling their full allotment of 36,000 tickets in their home opener, the Rage played in front of a crowd of 25,049 in Week Two. Jeff Brohm, a former Louisville standout and Orlando's first-round draft pick, completed 10-of-21 passes for 161 yards, inlcluding a 49-yard TD pass to Mario Bailey in the first quarter. Mike Pawlawski completed 36-of-52 passes for 294 yards and two touchdowns for San Francisco (1-1), which was coming off a last-second 15-13 win over the Los Angeles Xtreme. Pawlawski, a former standout at California, threw a five-yard touchdown pass to Richard O'Donnell late in the first quarter, capping a 14-play, 90-yard drive that gave San Francisco a 7-0 lead. The Rage answered on its ensuing possession on Brohm's 49-yard scoring strike to Bailey that tied it. A defensive back, Brown gave the Rage a 13-7 lead with 80 seconds left in the first quarter, scooping up a fumble by San Francisco running back Brandon Young and returning it 20 yards for a touchdown. "It's extremely difficult to get ready for a team like San Francisco," Orlando coach Galen Hall said. "Everything happens so quickly. There's no way you can duplicate what they do on offense in practice. I think it took us a bit of time for our defense to adjust to what they were doing." Orlando extended the lead to 19-7 less than five minutes into the second quarter on Shaw's 28-yard touchdown run. Clark, who played in the NFL for the Denver Broncos, provided the Rage with a 26-7 lead 6:48 left in the third quarter, when he capped a six-play, 80-yard drive with a six-yard run. Pawlawski capped the scoring for the Demons with a 11-yard TD pass to Jimmy Cunningham with 32 seconds left in the third. "Penalties got us tonight. I felt a lot of that was frustration, letting the game get away from us. We need to be smarter than that," said Demons coach Jim Skipper, whose club was penalized 13 times for 106 yards. TV: NBC Secondary Game (NBC will provide cut-ins during the LA-Chicago game) SAN FRANCISCO DEMONS NOTES - San Francisco travels to Orlando Saturday night on the heels of a 15-13, last-second win in the "Hell Hole," otherwise known as Pac Bell Park. As the crowd chanted "Beat LA, Beat LA," the Demons won the game on a 33-yard field goal by K Mike Panasuk as time expired, sending more than 38,000 fans at Pac Bell into hysterics. - The Demons will look for another big day out of QB Mike Pawlawski, who escaped a seemingly constant pass rush and completed an impressive 31 of 47 passes for 288 yards and two scores – as well as leading the game-winning drive. - The Rage defense will have its hands full with the Demons' talented wideouts, led by Brian Roberson, who tore up the Xtreme secondary for 12 catches and 127 yards. But Orlando better not forget about WR Calvin Schexnayder, who made the play of the game with a spectacular, 32-yard, diving touchdown grab in the fourth quarter to put the Demons back ahead. - Mike Panasuk was called out of his drama class at Lebanon (Ind.) High School and he flew to the Bay Area to discuss giving his football career one more try. Panasuk was selected from among the candidates and he gained final league approval Saturday and kicked Sunday, admitting he didn't even know all of his teammates' names. He missed a 42-yard attempt earlier in the game, but took advantage of the hurried conditions in the closing seconds to not have to ponder the situation long and banged home a game-winning 33-yard field goal. - Wide receiver Brian Roberson and halfback Brandin Young are head coach Jim Skipper's nephews. San Francisco's head coach wanted both Brandin and Brian to make the Demons' squad on their own merits before he introduced that information to even his coaches and certainly members of the news media. - During his collegiate career, Guard Pita Elisara was called by one publication as the "Sportsmayne of the Year" because of his following black Samoan hair that is readily visibly outside his helmet of the same color. ORLANDO RAGE NOTES - Orlando hosts San Francisco Saturday night at the Citrus Bowl, and one of the two undefeated teams is leaving with a loss. The Rage opened the season with a thrilling 33-29 win over the Chicago Enforcers in front of 36,503 at the Citrus Bowl. - QB Jeff Brohm will look to continue his hot XFL start after torching the Chicago defense for four touchdowns and completing 64% of his passes (14 of 22 for 217 yards) last Saturday night. - When Brohm puts it up, the Demons' defense better go find WR Dialleo Burks, who caught three touchdowns on Saturday in Orlando's win. - On the other side of the ball, Shawn Banks is making it happen. The linebacker had five solo tackles, two for losses, added a fumble recovery and an interception – and don't leave out preserving the win by recovering a Chicago on-sides kick in the final minute of the game. - When the XFL said that PAT's are no longer a given, the Orlando Rage took it to heart, as they were unable to convert any of their five conversion attempts after touchdowns in the opener. Four of the attempts were runs by big running back Derrick Clark. - No word yet on attendance plans for game two, but list Robin Martin from Kent, England as the XFL season ticket holder who has to travel the longest distance to see his team play. Martin made the 9-hour flight from London's Heathrow Airport to see the Rage take on the Chicago Enforcers. He holds a Rage season ticket to Section 109, Row M, Seat 8 and says he plans to take in at least three Rage home games this season. Sun 2/11/01 Birmingham 0 6 7 6 -- 19 NY/NJ Hitmen 6 0 0 6 -- 12 Scoring Summary 1st Quarter: NY/NJ - TD MIKE ARCHIE 1 YD RUN (Conversion FAILED), 5:52. Drive: 9 plays, 29 yards in 4:09. Key plays: Wheeler 23-yard interception return to Birmingham 29; Elias 5-yard run on 3rd-and-1 to Birmigham 15; Elias 7-yard run on 3rd-and-3 to Birmingham 2. NYNJ 6-0. 2nd Quarter: BHAM - TD QUINCY JACKSON 7 YD PASS FROM CASEY WELDON (Conversion FAILED), 9:34. Drive: 6 plays, 84 yards in 4:00. Key plays: Weldon 70-yard pass to Williams to New York 4. BIRMINGHAM 6, NYNJ 6. 3rd Quarter: BHAM - TD STEPFRET WILLIAMS 95 YD PUNT RETURN (CASEY WELDON PASS TO KAIPO MCGUIRE FOR CONVERISON), 7:15. BIRMINGHAM 13-6 4th Quarter: NY/NJ - TD MIKE ARCHIE 1 YD RUN (Conversion FAILED), 4:37. Drive: 14 plays, 72 yards in 8:14. Key plays: Puleri 22-yard pass to DiCosmo on 3rd-and-10 to Birmingham 40; Puleri 4-yard pass to DiCosmo on 3rd-and-3 to Birmingham 29; Puleri 9-yard pass to Dar Dar on 3rd-and-5 to Birmingham 15; Puleri 20-yard pass to Brock to Birmingham 1. BIRMINGHAM 13-12 BHAM - TD KEITH FRANKLIN 12 YD FUMBLE RETURN (Conversion FAILED), 11:56. BIRMINGHAM 19-12 Team Stats Birmingham NY/NJ First Downs 15 15 Rushing 5 5 Passing 9 9 Penalty 1 1 3rd-Down Efficiency 4-11 5-11 4th-Down Efficiency 0-1 0-2 Total Net Yards 307 269 Total Plays 56 57 Average Gain 5.5 4.7 Net Yards Rushing 122 76 Rushes 29 33 Average per rush 4.2 2.3 Net Yards Passing 185 193 Completed-attempted 17-26 13-24 Yards per pass 6.9 8.0 Sacked-yards lost 1-5 0-0 Passes intercepted 2 1 Punts- Average 4-30.0 5-38.8 Return Yardage 129 146 Punts- returns 4-103 3-52 Kickoffs- returns 3-26 4-71 Interceptions- returns 1-0 2-23 Penalties- Yards 8-64 10-77 Fumbles- Lost 1-0 2-2 Time of Possession 30:03 29:57 Player Statistics Missed field goals: None. Birmingham rushing: James Bostic 18-107, Casey Weldon 9-13, Curtis Alexander 2-2. NY/NJ rushing: Elias Keith 21-51, Dar Dar Kirby 2-18, Mike Archie 6-8, Blair Michael 2-6, Puleri Charles 1-3, Cole Eric 1-minus 10. Birmingham passing: Casey Weldon 17-26 for 190 yards, 2 INT, 1 TD. NY/NJ passing: Puleri Charles 13-24 for 193 yards, 1 INT, 0 TD. Birmingham receiving: Stepfret Williams 8-134, Quincy Jackson 4-26, James Bostic 2-8, Kaipo Mcguire 1-11, Nicky Savoie 1-9, Reggie Johnson 1-2. NY/NJ receiving: Dicosmo Anthony 6-65, Brock Fred 2-27, Hinton Marcus 1-59, Davis Zola 1-26, Blair Michael 1-10, Dar Dar Kirby 1-9, Elias Keith 1-minus 3. Birmingham tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial): James Willis 6-1-0, Patrick Scott 5-1-0, Dion Foxx 2-4-0, Chris Shelling 4-1-0, Calvin Jackson 3-1-0, Quinton Reese 3-0-0, Charles Preston 2-1-0, Jimmy Brumbaugh 2-0-0, Keith Franklin 2-0-0, Duane Butler 1-1-0, Johnny Mitchell 1-0-0, Eric Sloan 1-0-0, Sedrick Curry 1-0-0, Cedric Pittman 1-0-0. NY/NJ tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial): Beauchamp Tim 5-2-0, Wheeler Damen 4-2-0, Eloms Joey 5-0-0, Sabb Dwayne 4-1-0, Trout Brad 3-2-0, Maumalanga Christian 3-2-0, Merkerson Ron 2-2-0, Fields Haven 2-2-0, Raybon Israel 1-3-1, Barber Mike 2-0-0, Tawambi Settles 2-0-0, Blair Michael 1-1-0, Mike Archie 1-0-0, Peters Tyrell 1-0-0, Bryant Lamont 1-0-0, Brock Fred 0-1-0. Interceptions: Birmingham (Johnny Mitchell 1 for 0 yards); Nynj (Wheeler Damen 1 for 23 yards, Team 1 for 0 yards). Fumbles lost: Nynj (Dicosmo Anthony, Keith Elias). Opponent's fumbles recovered: Birmingham (Duane Butler, Keith Franklin). Officials: Referee-David Cutaia, Umpire-Al Granado, Head linesman-Dale Newhouse, Line judge-Roger Mcminn, Back judge-Gregory Steed, Side judge-Mike Mccabe, Field judge-M. Mothershead. A: 36,458; T: 3:00. Stepfret Williams had the first punt return for a touchdown in XFL history as the Birmingham Bolts held off the winless New York-New Jersey Hitmen, 19-12. The Hitmen (0-2) had a chance to tie near the end of the fourth quarter, moving to the Birmingham 14 with two minutes left. But a fumble followed by two penalties stalled the drive. Williams brought back a punt 95 yards for a score to give the Bolts (1-1) a 13-6 lead midway through the third quarter. But Mike Archie's one-yard TD run capped a 14-play, 72-yard drive and brought the Hitmen within 13-12 with 7:46 to play. Linebacker Keith Franklin's 12-yard fumble return with just over three minutes remaining gave the Bolts some breathing room. Casey Weldon completed 17-of-26 passes for 190 yards for Birmingham (1-1), including a seven-yard scoring strike to Quincy Jackson that forged a 6-6 tie late in the second quarter. Williams also had eight receptions for 134 yards and James Bostic racked up 107 yards on 18 carries for the Bolts, who were the only home team to lose during the XFL's opening weekend. New York-New Jersey's Charles Puleri was 17-of-26 for 190 yards, while Anthony DiCosmo totaled 65 yards on six catches. The Hitmen, who were shut out by Las Vegas in their opener, scored their first points on Archie's one-yard plunge 5:52 into this contest. TV: TNN BIRMINGHAM THUNDERBOLTS NOTES - Gerry DiNardo's team will look to break into the win column on Sunday with a visit to 0-1 NY/NJ to face the Hitmen at Giants Stadium. Birmingham was the sole team in the XFL to drop its home opener last weekend, falling 22-20 to Memphis and a big day from RB Rashaan Salaam. - The Bolts' running defense will look to bounce back against a Hitmen team which managed only 61 yards on 14 carries in an opening loss at Las Vegas. - The Bolts had no such problems on offense, racking up a league-leading 358 yards on offense against the Maniax Sunday. QB Casey Weldon leads the league in passing yardage after putting up a 306-yard day in the opener. - Coach Gerry DiNardo has said from almost day one that James Willis is the heart of the Birmingham defense from his middle linebacker spot. Willis lived up to the billing last week, making 12 tackles against Memphis. Defensive end Charles Preston rang up a game-high four tackles for loss against Memphis. Preston accounted for 17 yards in Maniax losses. He also recorded a sack, making five of his seven tackles happen behind the line of scrimmage. - Birmingham defensive back Toya Jones won Birmingham's first-ever scamble for the ball prior to the game against Memphis last week. Counting preseason scrimmages, the Bolts are three-for-three in the scramble, which replaces a coin toss as a way to decide choice of possession at the beginning of regulation and overtime. - Birmingham head coach Gerry DiNardo is heading for a homecoming of sorts when the Bolts head for the Meadowlands. DiNardo grew up in South Brooklyn and was educated at St. Francis Prep, graduating in 1970. He played both quarterback and offensive line at St. Francis. NY/NJ HITMEN NOTES - The Hitmen kick off their home slate at legendary Giants Stadium on Sunday afternoon when they host the Birmingham Thunderbolts. Both teams are looking for their first win of the season. - NY/NJ must rebound from a sub-par performance, as they were run out of sold-out Sam Boyd Stadium with a 19-0 drubbing by the Las Vegas Outlaws. - The Hitmen offense did show some signs of life, as RB Keith Elias amassed 46 yards on only six carries, while WR Fred Brock caught eight balls for 97 yards. - On the defensive side, the Hitmen are led by middle LB Ron Merkerson, who recorded nine tackles, eight of them solo efforts. The Hitmen did get to the quarterback, sacking Las Vegas' Ryan Clement three times. - With Rusty Tillman as the head coach, look for the Hitmen to shine on special teams. NY/NJ has two explosive kick returners in Kirby Dar-Dar and Butler B'ynote, both of whom nearly broke off long returns last week. - The hard-nosed Tillman likes to show his team hard-nosed movies, as evidenced by the selections he has showed his team, titles including Braveheart, Cool Hand Luke and Patton, which was shown during training camp to acclimate the team to Tillman's coaching style. Memphis 3 0 0 0 -- 3 Las Vegas 3 6 13 3 -- 25 Scoring Summary 1st Quarter: LV - FG PAUL MCCALLUM 47 YD, 9:21. Drive: 10 plays, 31 yards in 5:32. Key plays: Clement 37-yard pass to Floyd on 3rd-and-10 to Memphis 11. LAS VEGAS 3-0 MEM - FG JEFF HALL 23 YD, 11:52. Drive: 5 plays, 60 yards in 2:31. Key plays: Crandell 53-yard pass to Prentiss to Las Vegas 12. LAS VEGAS 3, MEMPHIS 3 2ND Quarter: LV - TD JASON KAISER 80 YD FUMBLE RETURN (PAT FAILED), 0:57. LAS VEGAS 9-3 3rd Quarter: LV - TD KURT GOUVEIA 100 YD FUMBLE RETURN (PAT FAILED), 4:17. LAS VEGAS 15-3 LV - TD CHRYS CHUKWUMA 9 YD RUN (MIKE CAWLEY RUN FOR CONVERISON), 10:07. Drive: 7 plays, 61 yards in 3:28. Key plays: Cawley 26-yard pass to Jenkins to Memphis 9. LAS VEGAS 22-3 4th Quarter: LV - FG PAUL MCCALLUM 18 YD, 12:47. Drive: 4 plays, 7 yards in 2:13. Key plays: Chris Bayne 71-yard interception return to Memphis 8. LAS VEGAS 25-3 Team Stats Las Vegas Memphis First Downs 11 16 Rushing 5 6 Passing 4 6 Penalty 2 4 3rd-Down Efficiency 5-14 3-13 4th-Down Efficiency 0-0 0-1 Total Net Yards 159 259 Total Plays 51 60 Average Gain 3.1 4.3 Net Yards Rushing 97 94 Rushes 30 22 Average per rush 3.2 4.3 Net Yards Passing 62 165 Completed-attempted 5-18 15-35 Yards per pass 3 4.3 Sacked-yards lost 3-24 3-25 Passes intercepted 0 1 Punts- Average 8-34 7-35.7 Return Yardage 155 122 Punts- returns 6-43 6-30 Kickoffs- returns 2-35 6-92 Interceptions- returns 1-77 1-0 Penalties- Yards 14-147 10-72 Fumbles- Lost 0-0 3-3 Time of Possession 29:45 30:15 Player Statistics Missed field goals: None. Las Vegas rushing: Ben Snell 6-46, Rod Smart 12-22, Chrys Chukwuma 6-22, Mike Cawley 3-7, Ryan Clement 2-3, Mike Furrey 1-minus 3. Memphis rushing: Salaam Rashaan 17-82, Cooper Rafael 2-13, Morgan Beau 1-0, Crandell Marcus 2-minus 1. Las Vegas passing: Mike Cawley 3-13 for 51 yards, 0 INT, 0 TD, Ryan Clement 2-5 for 35 yards, 0 INT, 0 TD. Memphis passing: Crandell Marcus 9-21 for 134 yards, 0 INT, 0 TD, Whelihan Craig 5-12 for 46 yards, 1 INT, 0 TD, Morgan Beau 1-2 for 10 yards, 0 INT, 0 TD. Las Vegas receiving: Mike Furrey 2-26, Nakia Jenkins 2-23, Todd Floyd 1-37. Memphis receiving: Prentiss Kevin 5-99, Jordan Charles 4-40, Thomas Mark 2-21, Hobbs Daryl 1-12, Harper Alvin 1-8, Salaam Rashaan 1-8, Cooper Rafael 1-2. Las Vegas tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial): Jamel Williams 6-1-1, Brandon Sanders 4-2-0, Kurt Gouveia 3-3-0, Kevin Scott 5-0-0, Angel Rubio 3-1-0, Joseph Tuipala 3-1-0, Kory Blackwell 3-0-0, Mike Crawford 3-0-0, Toran James 1-2-0, Antonio Edwards 2-0-1, Brett Bech 2-0-0, Jason Kaiser 2-0-0, Kelvin Kinney 2-0-1, Chris Bayne 1-1-0, Ben Snell 1-0-0, Rickey Brady 1-0-0, Hurley Tarver 1-0-0, Carl Simpson 0-1-0. Memphis tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial): Clark Rico 7-2-0, Carver Shante 5-1-1, Peoples Kevin 3-1-0, Bell Tyrone 3-1-0, Rheams Leonta 2-2-1, Lacoste Paul 1-3-0, Hogans Richard 0-4-0, Sutton Mike 2-1-0, Sapp Patrick 1-2-0, Kitts Jim 2-0-0, Williams John 2-0-0, Thomas Marvin 1-1-0, Menafee Cornell 1-1-1, Yamada Shin 1-1-0, Sawyer Corey 1-1-0, Morgan Beau 1-0-0, Frier T.j. 0-1-0. Interceptions: Las Vegas (Chris Bayne 1 for 77 yards). Fumbles lost: Memphis (Crandell Marcus, Salaam Rashaan, Morgan Beau). Opponent's fumbles recovered: Las Vegas (Adriano Belli, Kurt Gouveia, Jason Kaiser). Officials: Referee-Steve Pamon, Umpire-Richard Brown, Head linesman-Derick Bowers, Line judge-Tod Reese, Back judge-Scott Helverson, Side judge-Michael Sheahan, Field judge-Michael Banks. A: 30,117 Perhaps the defense of the Las Vegas Outlaws should be considered one of professional football's finest. Jason Kaiser and Kurt Gouveia each had long fumble returns for scores as the Outlaws used their big-play defense to roll to a 25-3 victory over the Memphis Maniax. Kaiser returned a fumble 80 yards 57 seconds into the second quarter to give Las Vegas a 9-3 advantage. With Memphis within striking distance of the tying touchdown in the third, Gouveia picked up a fumble by Rashaan Salaam on the goal line and took it the length of the field for a 15-3 lead. The Las Vegas defense, which has not allowed a touchdown in its first two games, also had a 77-yard interception return by safety Chris Bayne that set up the Outlaws' final score, an 18-yard field goal by Paul McCallum. There was little evidence of any form of "extreme" football in a lackluster fourth quarter, which saw Memphis quarterback Craig Whelihan repeatedly miss his targets. A fan running onto the field with 4:35 remaining could not liven up the contest. Las Vegas joined Orlando as the only unbeaten teams in the league. LAS VEGAS OUTLAWS NOTES - Las Vegas rolls into the Liberty Bowl after an impressive opening performance in the form of a 19-0 blowout of the NY/NJ Hitmen last Saturday night in front of a sold-out Sam Boyd Stadium. The Outlaws built up the 19-point lead before half time and then let the defense settle in and keep the visitors off the board the rest of the night. - QB Ryan Clement, who started for the injured Chuck Clements, threw for two scores with no interceptions, completing 13 of 28 passes for 188 yards in the win. - Eight outlaws players caught passes Saturday, but Vegas will need more out of WR Mike Furrey than his one catch for 33 yards. - The Vegas defense showed its prowess for getting to the QB, sacking the helpless Hitmen quarterbacks six times and picking off two NY/NJ passes. - The Outlaws will need to establish more of a ground game, as they were held to 91 yards on 27 carries as a team. Rod Smart led the team with 13 carries for 46 yards. - Smart's 46 yards were not as noticeable as the back of his jersey, which read "He Hate Me." Smart uses the phrase to motivate himself, as the RB envisions opponents, coaches and even teammates hatred of his skill. Before the game, Smart looks across at the other bench and says to himself, "He hate me. That guy hate me. When I run all over their butts, they're all gonna hate me." MEMPHIS MANIAX NOTES - The Maniax play their home opener Sunday at the Liberty Bowl, hosting the Las Vegas outlaws in a battle of 1-0 teams. Memphis opened the season with the lone road win of the opening weekend, dropping the Birmingham Thunderbolts, 22-20, at Legion Field. - Running back Rashaan Salaam lived up to his Heisman Trophy reputation, busting up the Birmingham defense for 154 yards and two touchdowns on 27 carries. - The Maniax hope to debut WR Alvin Harper, who missed the opener with a groin strain. The veteran wideout is questionable for Sunday's game. - After nine seasons as an assistant in the NFL and 13 years as an assistant at the college level, Maniax head coach Kippy Brown made his head-coaching debut in winning fashion on Sunday and was awarded the game ball by his coaching staff and players. - Athletic QB Marcus Crandell may need all of his ability to move in and out of the pocket on Sunday against a tough Las Vegas defense. Crandell, who starts over Jim Druckenmiller, completed 11 of 19 passes for 173 yards and one touchdown on Sunday. He did throw one pick, but it was a "Hail Mary" into the end zone at the end of the first half. week3 Los Angeles 3 3 3 3 -- 12 Las Vegas 0 6 3 0 -- 9 Scoring Summary 1st Quarter: LA - FG JOSE CORTEZ 44 YD, 5:56. Drive: 8 plays, 26 yards in 3:20. Key plays: Maddox 12-yard pass to Copeland to Las Vegas 27. LOS ANGELES 3-0 2nd Quarter: LV - TD COREY NELSON 18 YD PASS FROM MIKE CAWLEY (PAT FAILED), 3:18. Drive: 4 plays, 58 yards in 2:34. Key plays: 40-yard pass interference on Los Angeles' Billups to Extreme 15. LAS VEGAS 6-3 LA - FG JOSE CORTEZ 45 YD, 15:00. Drive: 6 plays, 27 yards in 1:16. Key plays: Maddox 13-yard pass to Oxendine to Las Vegas 33. LOS ANGELES 6, LAS VEGAS 6 3rd Quarter: LA - TD JOSE CORTEZ 36 YD, 7:32. Drive: 5 plays, 53 yards in 2:27. Key plays: Maddox 63-yard pass to Dunn to Las Vegas 8. LOS ANGELES 9-6 6. Orlando 26-7 LV - TD LAS - FG, PAUL MCCALLUM 51 YD, 12:07. Drive: 4 plays, 0 yards in 2:03. Key plays: Recovery by Bayne at Los Angeles 34. LOS ANGELES 9, LAS VEGAS 9 4th Quarter: LA - FG JOSE CORTEZ 48 YD, 15:00. Drive: 4 plays, 11 yards in 1:11. Key plays: Keck interception return to Las Vegas 41. LOS ANGELES 12-9 Team Stats LOS LAS First Downs 9 13 Rushing 2 4 Passing 6 7 Penalty 1 2 3rd-Down Efficiency 4-14 4-14 4th-Down Efficiency 0-0 0-0 Total Net Yards 186 140 Total Plays 52 55 Average Gain 3.6 2.5 Net Yards Rushing 39 70 Rushes 19 23 Average per rush 2.1 3.0 Net Yards Passing 147 70 Completed-attempted 16-30 14-25 Yards per pass 4.5 2.2 Sacked-yards lost 3-19 7-59 Passes intercepted 1 2 Punts- Average 6-45 7-39.1 Return Yardage 154 112 Punts- returns 6-75 6-53 Kickoffs- returns 2-48 3-60 Interceptions- returns 2-31 1- -1 Penalties- Yards 5-34 6-70 Fumbles- Lost 2-1 0-0 Time of Possession 32:58 27:02 Player Statistics Missed field goals: Las Vegas (Paul Mccallum 39). Los Angeles rushing: Ken Oxendine 14-27, Rashaan Shehee 5-12. Las Vegas rushing: Mike Cawley 5-34, Rod Smart 15-24, Chrys Chukwuma 2-12, Ben Snell 1-0. Los Angeles passing: Tommy Maddox 16-30 for 166 yards, 1 INT, 0 TD. Las Vegas passing: Mike Cawley 14-25 for 129 yards, 2 INT, 1 TD. Los Angeles receiving: Damon Dunn 2-70, Jeremaine Copeland 5-32, Ken Oxendine 4-30, Latario Rachal 2-14, Larry Ryans 2-14, Frank Leatherwood 1-6. Las Vegas receiving: Corey Nelson 6-53, Mike Furrey 4-34, Rod Smart 2-25, Rickey Brady 1-13, Nakia Jenkins 1-4. A: 26,135. It is safe to say that Tommy Maddox is a whole lot happier with Jose Cortez this week. One week after Maddox blasted his team's kicker for a poor effort, Cortez made four field goals -- the final one a 49-yarder as time expired -- as the Los Angeles Xtreme posted a 12-9 triumph over the Las Vegas Outlaws. Cortez, who missed a pair of short field goals in the Xtreme's double overtime victory against Chicago last week, converted opportunities of 44, 45 and 36 yards Saturday before splitting the uprights on the game's final play. Los Angeles (2-1) has seen all three of its games come down to the final play. Las Vegas quarterback Mike Cawley threw an 18-yard scoring strike to Corey Nelson and Paul McCallum added a 51-yard field goal. McCallum's field goal was the longest in the XFL's short existence. Cawley, playing for an injured Ryan Clement, completed 14-of-25 passes for 129 yards but was intercepted twice, including a costly pick that set up the game-winning drive. Los Angeles quarterback Tommy Maddox was 16-of-30 for 166 yards and an interception. The Outlaws (2-1) have yet to allow a touchdown this season, surrendering five field goals in 12 quarters. Attendance was 26,135 at Sam Boyd Stadium. Announcers: Jim Ross and Jesse Ventura LOS ANGELES XTREME NOTES Can the high-powered Xtreme passing attack continue its aerial show against the league's toughest defense, the Las Vegas Outlaws? XFL Offensive Player of the Week WR Jermaine Copeland caught 17 passes for 190 yards and a score to help rally the Xtreme from a 12-point deficit in the final three minutes and lead Los Angeles over the Chicago Enforcers, 39-32, in overtime. The acrobatic wideout lived up to his advanced billing, making several highlight-film catches, but none bigger than his 20-yard TD grab on the Xtreme's last chance in the first overtime series. After the game-saving score in front of the celebrating home crowd, the flamboyant Copeland debuted his touchdown dance, the "X-Spot," but says it will only be performed at the L.A. Coliseum. "The 'X-Spot' is an L.A. thing only," said Copeland. "Don't worry, though, we'll be saving some surprises for the game in Las Vegas." This team likes to make it interesting – in week one losing on a last-second field goal, before scoring two TDs in the last three minutes to rally and eventually beat Chicago in overtime last Saturday. After two weeks of play Tommy Maddox is tied for the league lead in touchdown passes with with five (Brohm). Maddox is also second in total yards passing with 576 in two games (Pawlawski 577). LAS VEGAS OUTLAWS NOTES S or no S, they're both hurt: QB's Ryan Clement and Chuck Clements have both gone down injured. Third-stringer Mike Cawley replaced the injured Clement to lead the Outlaws to the victory on Sunday. This week, the QB position is wide open according to coach Jim Criner, with Cawley and Jim Ballard among the candidates, although word out of Las Vegas is they may look elsewhere. Clements is probably out for the season, Clement is probably out for 2-4 weeks. The Las Vegas defense has actually outscored opposing offenses on the season 12-3, scoring two defensive touchdowns while giving up just a single field goal, all the scoring coming in last week's 25-3 win over Memphis. The Outlaws opened the season with a 19-0 win over the NY/NJ Hitmen at Sam Boyd. The Vegas defense last week was paced by 36-year-old LB Kurt Gouveia, who picked up a Rashaan Salaam fumble on his own goal line and sprinted the full length of the field for a 100-yard TD return to seal the game for the Outlaws. "It's too early to call this defense great, but we're doing some great things out there," said Outlaws DE Kelvin Kinney. On offense, the Outlaws like to bang away with three running backs: "He Hate Me," (Rod Smart) "Chukwagon" (Chrys Chukwuma) and "Thoro" (Ben Snell). San Francisco 0 0 6 17 -- 13 Memphis 3 3 0 0 -- 6 Scoring Summary 1st Quarter: MEM - FG JEFF HALL 31 YD, 13:32. Drive: 12 plays, 75 yards in 6:54. Key plays: Crandall 12-yard pass to Hobbs on 3rd-and-9 to San Francisco 41. MEMPHIS 3-0 2nd Quarter: MEM - FG JEFF HALL 36 YD, 13:41. Drive: 12 plays, 46 yards in 6:12. Key plays: Druckenmiller 8-yard pass to Salaam to San Francisco 17. MEMPHIS 6-0 3rd Quarter: SF - TD TERRY BATTLE 9 YD PASS FROM MIKE PAWLAWSKI (PAT FAILED), 11:53. Drive: 2 plays, 25 yards in 0:50. Key plays: Palmer interception at Memphis 25. SAN FRANCISCO 6, MEMPHIS 6 6. Orlando 26-7 4th Quarter:SF - TD TERRY BATTLE 24 YD PASS FROM MIKE PAWLAWSKI (MIKE PAWLAWSKI PASS TO JAMES HUNDON FOR CONVERISON), 6:51. Drive: 4 plays, 41 yards in 2:38. Key plays: Pawlawski 11-yard pass to Hundon to the Memphis 19. SAN FRANCISCO 13-6 26-14 Team Stats San Francisco Memphis First Downs 14 13 Rushing 2 3 Passing 9 8 Penalty 3 2 3rd-Down Efficiency 6-14 3-11 4th-Down Efficiency 0-0 0-0 Total Net Yards 212 237 Total Plays 56 55 Average Gain 3.8 4.3 Net Yards Rushing 33 29 Rushes 18 20 Average per rush 1.8 1.5 Net Yards Passing 179 208 Completed-attempted 19-37 17-33 Yards per pass 4.7 5.9 Sacked-yards lost 1-5 2-18 Passes intercepted 0 3 Punts- Average 4-40.8 4-29.3 Return Yardage 71 73 Punts- returns 3-13 4-16 Kickoffs- returns 2-56 3-57 Interceptions- returns 3-2 0-0 Penalties- Yards 7-58 11-81 Fumbles- Lost 0-0 0-0 Time of Possession 24:02 35:58 Player Statistics Missed field goals: San Francisco (Mike Palanuk 47, 40); Memphis (Jeff Hall 42). San Francisco rushing: Terry Battle 6-35, Jimmy Cunningham 1-9, Juan Johnson 4-2, Vaughn Dunbar 4-minus 4, Mike Pawlawski 3-minus 9. Memphis rushing: Rashaan Salaam 16-42, Jim Druckenmiller 1-minus 5, Marcus Crandell 3-minus 8. San Francisco passing: Mike Pawlawski 19-37 for 184 yards, 0 INT, 2 TD. Memphis passing: Marcus Crandell 11-23 for 141 yards, 1 INT, 0 TD, Jim Druckenmiller 6-10 for 85 yards, 2 INT, 0 TD. San Francisco receiving: James Hundon 7-68, Terry Battle 5-54, Jimmy Cunningham 3-10, Brian Roberson 2-21, Richard Odonnell 1-27, Vaughn Dunbar 1-4. Memphis receiving: Charles Jordan 6-109, Daryl Hobbs 4-61, Rashaan Salaam 3-21, Kevin Prentiss 2-23, John Jennings 2-12. A: 17,063. Mike Pawlawski threw a 22-yard touchdown pass to Terry Battle with 8:09 remaining, lifting the San Francisco Demons to a 13-6 victory over the Memphis Maniax. Pawlawski's strike to Battle down the left sideline capped a four-play, 41-yard drive and gave San Francisco a 13-6 lead. He also found Battle for a 22-yard TD late in the third quarter. The XFL's leading passer entering the game, Pawlawski was 19-of-37 for 184 yards and two touchdowns. Former NFL first-round pick Jim Druckenmiller tried to rally the Maniax but was intercepted by cornerback Wendell Davis at the San Francisco 19 with 58 seconds remaining. Druckenmiller and Marcus Crandell spilt time at quarterback for Memphis. Druckenmiller completed 6-of-10 passes for 85 yards and two interceptions while Crandell was 11-of-23 for 141 yards and an interception. Former Heisman Trophy winner Rashan Salaam, who entered as the league's leading rusher, was held in check by the swarming Demons' defense. He carried 16 times for 42 yards. Jeff Hall kicked field goals of 31 and 36 yards in the first half for the Maniax (1-2), who have lost consecutive home games after winning their season opener at Birmingham. Emile Palmer set up the tying score for the Demons, intercepting Druckenmiller at the Memphis 25 in the third quarter. Two plays later, Pawlawski hit Battle from six yards, tying it at 6-6 with 3:07 left. San Francisco (2-1) rebounded from its first loss of the season and is tied with Los Angeles and Las Vegas for first place in the Western Division. TV: NBC Secondary Game (Matt Vasgersian and Jerry Lawler) SAN FRANCISCO DEMONS NOTES The Demons are looking to bounce back after a 26-14 loss last Saturday night in Orlando. Quarterback Mike Pawlawski is lighting up the XFL early, leading the league in both passing yards (577) and accuracy (67.7%). Pawlawski has spread the wealth in the passing game, hitting all nine available receivers during the first two contests. Six receivers caught at least three passes at Orlando and five did the same against Los Angeles. The Demons didn't even have Brian Roberson, the team leader in catches against Los Angeles, at their disposal in Orlando because of a foot injury. Jimmy (The Jet) Cunningham, who didn't start against the Rage, picked up much of the slack with 10 receptions for 95 yards and an 11-yard score through the air where Cunningham had to hightail it the last six yards of the play, diving into the corner of the end zone. A native of Chattanooga, Tennessee, LB Dave Thomas is returning to his home state to play Saturday night against the Maniax. Thomas was San Francisco's leading tackler at Orlando with eight solo stops and two for lost yardage. MEMPHIS MANIAX NOTES After a big opening-weekend in Birmingham, the Maniax were beaten soundly, 25-3, by the Las Vegas Outlaws in their home opener last Sunday night. Kippy Brown's team returns to the Liberty Bowl looking to get back on track. Turnovers have told the story for Memphis: At the win in Birmingham, the Maniax turned the ball over only one time and that was on an insignificant "Hail Mary" pass on the final play of the first half … Against Las Vegas in the loss, the Maniax suffered four turnovers, with two being returned for touchdowns. Despite the loss, Memphis owned the statistical edge, outgaining Las Vegas by 100 offensive yards (259-159) and notching five more first downs (16-11). The two defensive touchdowns Memphis surrendered led to the loss. Heisman Trophy winner Rashaan Salaam leads the XFL in total rushing yards with 236 through two games, but his fumble on the goal line last week was returned 100 yards for the turning point of the game. Marcus Crandell will get the starting nod at QB once again, despite being pulled in favor of Craig Whelihan during last week's loss. Jim Druckenmiller will be the number two QB as part of the Maniax' regular rotation, which switched Whelihan and Druckenmiller at the #2 and #3 spots in the depth chart. sun 2/18/01 Chicago 3 0 0 0 -- 3 Birmingham 0 7 0 7 -- 14 Scoring Summary 1st Quarter: CHI - FG FG, ANDY CROSLAND 33 YD, 7:52. Drive: 5 plays, 35 yards in 2:38. Key plays: Lester 22-yard pass to Bailey to Birmingham 22. CHICAGO 3-0 2nd Quarter: BIR - TD JAMES BOSTIC 2 YD RUN (CASEY WELDON PASS TO STEPFRET WILLIAMS FOR CONVERSION), 13:24. Drive: 7 plays, 63 yards in 2:09. Key plays: 24-yard pass from Weldon to Williams 3rd Quarter: None 4th Quarter: BIR - TD DUANE BUTLER 98 YD INTERCEPTION RETURN (JAMES BOSTIC RUN FOR CONVERISON), 13:20. BIRMINGHAM 14-3 Team Stats Chicago Birmingham First Downs 16 15 Rushing 6 7 Passing 9 8 Penalty 1 0 3rd-Down Efficiency 4-11 5-12 4th-Down Efficiency 1-1 1-1 Total Net Yards 212 237 Total Plays 56 55 Average Gain 3.8 4.3 Net Yards Rushing 33 29 Rushes 18 20 Average per rush 1.8 1.5 Net Yards Passing 179 208 Completed-attempted 19-37 17-33 Yards per pass 4.7 5.9 Sacked-yards lost 1-5 2-18 Passes intercepted 0 3 Punts- Average 4-40.8 4-29.3 Return Yardage 71 73 Punts- returns 3-13 4-16 Kickoffs- returns 2-56 3-57 Interceptions- returns 3-2 0-0 Penalties- Yards 7-58 11-81 Fumbles- Lost 0-0 0-0 Time of Possession 24:02 35:58 Player Statistics Chicago rushing: John Avery 20-87, Kevin Mcdougal 1-9, Tim Lester 3-5. Birmingham rushing: James Bostic 23-77, Casey Weldon 3-11, Curtis Alexander 2-3, Team 1-minus 1. Chicago passing: Tim Lester 12-24 for 145 yards, 2 INT, 0 TD, Kevin Mcdougal 3-6 for 34 yards, 0 INT, 0 TD, Team 0-0 for minus 5 yards, 0 INT, 0 TD. Birmingham passing: Casey Weldon 16-27 for 152 yards, 0 INT, 0 TD. Chicago receiving: Aaron Bailey 5-89, Roell Preston 3-29, Willie Tate 3-19, Fred Coleman 1-20, Junior Lord 1-11, John Avery 1-7, Tyji Armstong 1-4, Team 0-minus 5. Birmingham receiving: Stepfret Williams 7-81, Quincy Jackson 4-45, Ed Smith 3-14, Reggie Johnson 1-8, Kaipo Mcguire 1-4. Chicago tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial): Aaron Humphrey 7-4-0, Ray Austin 5-4-0, Jamie Baisley 4-2-0, Larry Fitzpatrick 5-1-0, Dorian Brew 4-1-0, Jason Bray 4-1-0, Kevin Mccullar 2-2-0, Jason Chorak 4-0-0, Kerry Cooks 2-1-0, Matt Finkes 1-1-0, Quincy Coleman 1-1-0, Corey Ivy 1-1-0, Charles Wiley 0-1-0, John Avery 0-1-0, Leshon Johnson 0-1-0, Aaron Bailey 0-1-0, Chike Egbuniwe 0-1-0, Hubert Thompson 0-1-0, Donald Mccall 0-1-0. Birmingham tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial): James Willis 6-5-0, Duane Butler 7-2-0, Chris Shelling 5-3-0, Dion Foxx 3-3-0, Keith Franklin 3-2-0, Sedrick Curry 4-0-0, Johnny Mitchell 2-1-1, Charles Preston 1-1-0, Jarett Loggins 1-1-0, Quinton Reese 1-1-1, Jimmy Brumbaugh 0-2-0, Malcolm Hamilton 1-0-0, Eric Sloan 1-0-0, Patrick Scott 0-1-0. Interceptions: Birmingham (Duane Butler 1 for 98 yards, Calvin Jackson 1 for 0 yards). Fumbles lost: Chicago (John Avery). Opponent's fumbles recovered: Birmingham (Calvin Jackson). Officials: Referee-Steve Pamon, Umpire-Richard Brown, Head linesman-Derick Bowers, Line judge-Tod Reese, Back judge-Scott Helverson, Side judge-Michael Sheahan, Field judge-Michael Banks. A: 17,582; T: 2:43. Duane Butler returned an interception 98 yards for a touchdown with 1:40 remaining to help the Birmingham Thunderbolts hold off the winless Chicago Enforcers, 14-3. Trailing 7-3 late in the game, Chicago (0-3) took over at its own 37-yard line and moved to the Birmingham 6 on 13 plays. The Enforcers faced a 4th-and-2 at the Thuderbolts 11 with 2:50 left, but Tim Lester hit tight end Tyji Armstrong with a seven-yard pass that kept alive the drive. With Birmingham facing a 2nd-and-goal, Lester tried to find Armstrong again in the left flat, but the ball sailed high and off the tight end's right hand. Butler cradled it and raced untouched up the right sideline for the insurance score. James Bostic ran in the conversion to cap the scoring. Birmingham (2-1) has won consecutive games following a season-opening loss to Memphis. Chicago dropped all three games of its road trip and return home to face the New York-New Jersey Hitmen next Sunday. Chicago scored first when Andy Crosland booted a 33-yard field goal with 7:08 remaining in the first quarter. The Thunderbolts took the lead for good with just over two minutes gone in the second quarter when James Bostic scored on two-yard run to cap a seven-play, 63-yard drive. Casey Weldon found Stepfret Williams in the end zone for the conversion that made it 7-3. Birmingham had numerous chances to increase its lead but kicker Brad Palazzo missed two field goals after having his first attempt blocked. Palazzo was short on a 43-yard attempt in the third quarter before his 46-yarder with 9 1/2 minutes left sailed right. Weldon completed 16-of-27 passes for 152 yards, with 81 going to Williams. Bostic had 23 carries for 67 yards. Chicago's John Avery, a former first-round pick of the NFL's Miami Dolphins, gained 87 yards on 20 carries. Lester was 12-of-24 for 145 yards and two TDs. Announcers: Craig Minervini and Bob Golic BIRMINGHAM THUNDERBOLTS TEAM NOTES Bolts receiver and punt return man Stepfret Williams wrote his name in the XFL history books by returning the first punt for a touchdown in the no-fair-catch league's history, going 95 yards for a score against the New York/New Jersey Hitmen. Stepfret Williams didn't stop with the punt return, however, leading all receivers in the game with eight receptions for 134 yards. Williams finished the game with 233 all-purpose yards. James Bostic became the first Birmingham Thunderbolt to rush for over 100 yards in a game by racking up 103 yards on 18 carries last week against the Hitmen. A 56-yard run in the fourth quarter is also the longest run in the Bolts' brief history. Casey Weldon and Stepfret Williams hooked up for the longest play from scrimmage in the two-game Bolts' history with a 70-yard completion against New York/New Jersey last week. Quarterback Casey Weldon has been an equal opportunity passer for Birmingham this season, with 10 different players having already caught at least one pass after two games. Stepfret Williams (14) and Quincy Jackson (8) have combined to haul in 54-percent of the throws, however. For two consecutive weeks the Thunderbolts have allowed the opponent to score first in the game. In the opener, Birmingham got down 19-0 to Memphis before barely coming up on the short end of a 22-20 finish. Last week the Bolts spotted the Hitmen a touchdown, but rallied for the 19-12 win. After two weeks and numerous shots to the face this season, Bolts quarterback Casey Weldon has still completed 60.3 percent of his passing attempts. Weldon has connected on 41 of 68 attempts for 502 yards, three touchdowns and three interceptions. He has taken every snap for the Bolts this season. Hitmen fans railed on Birmingham middle linebacker James Willis Sunday, repeating early and often the old sitcom saying from Gary Coleman, "What you talking about Willis?" Willis answered with 10 tackles, giving him 22 for the season and making him the only Bolts player to ring up double-figure tackles in both games this year. Bolts cornerback Duane Butler is obviously quite adept at the art of stripping…opposing ball carriers that is. Butler stripped Hitmen runner Keith Elias to stop a NY/NJ scoring threat at the Bolts 13-yard line and then stripped receiver Anthony DiCosmo allowing teammate Keith Franklin to rumble 13 yards for the Bolts final score. CHICAGO ENFORCERS NOTES The Enforcers look for their first win of the season this weekend, as they play their third straight road game to open the season. Chicago finally opens at Soldier Field next weekend, but needs a win to not enter their home opener winless. Win or lose, John Avery is just fun to watch and has proven in two weeks to be one of the XFL's premier players. In only two games, Avery has 403 total all-purpose yards for an average of 201.5 per game. On the season, he has 226 yards rushing and 177 yards receiving. He also leads the Enforcers with four touchdowns (2 rushing, 2 receiving). Showing major improvement over his XFL debut in only his second professional game, Enforcers quarterback Tim Lester had a solid performance against the Xtreme last week. He completed 11 out of 19 passes for 199 yards and two touchdowns. He also had throws of 50, 66 and 46 yards, the last one being a touchdown. For the year, Lester has completed 23-38 passes (60.5 percent) for 354 yards and four touchdowns. Enforcers' wide receiver Aaron Bailey has touched the ball only three times this season for Chicago but each time has resulted in a big play. Against Orlando, he ran a 40-yard reverse to set up a Chicago touchdown. In the LA game, Bailey had a 50-yard reception on the first play of the game to set up Chicago's first touchdown and also had a 46-yard TD reception in the second quarter. This is the third different time zone the Enforcers have played a game in during the first three weeks of the season. After starting the season in Orlando on Feb. 3 (Eastern Time), the Enforcers flew 5 ˝ hours west and played the LA Xtreme on Feb. 10 (Pacific Time). Including today, Chicago's next five games will be played in the central time zone. Orlando 3 0 0 15 -- 18 NY/NJ 0 3 3 6 -- 12 Scoring Summary 1st Quarter: ORL - FG JAY TAYLOR 29 YD, 13:37. Drive: 6 plays, 46 yards in 3:21. Key plays: Bailey 11-yard run plus 15-yard late hit on Hitmen's Trout to New York 32; Black 8-yard run to New York 24; Brohm 9-yard pass to Burks to New York 15. ORLANDO 3-0 2nd Quarter: NY/NJ - FG LEO ARAGUZ 42 YD, 3:45. Drive: 9 plays, 31 yards in 5:08. Key plays: Dar Dar 37-yard kickoff return to New York 45; Archie 7-yard run on 3rd-and-2 to Orlando 40; Puleri 10-yard pass to Blair to Orlando 27. ORLANDO 3, NYNJ 3 3rd Quarter: NY/NJ - FG LEO ARAGUZ 39 YD, 6:19. Drive: 3 plays, 9 yards in 1:57. Key plays: Wheeler 12-yard interception return to Orlando 29; Richardson 6-yard run to Orlando 20. NYNJ 6-3 6. Orlando 26-7 4th Quarter: NY/NJ - TD MARCUS HINTON 20 YD PASS FROM WALLY RICHARDSON (PAT FAILED), 1:32. Drive: 12 plays, 74 yards in 7:50. Key plays: Richardson 11-yad pass to DiCosmo on 3rd-and-11 to New York 41; Richardson 20-yard pass to Davis to Orlando 43; Richardson 17-yard pass to Davis to Orlando 15. NYNJ 12-3 ORL - FG JAY TAYLOR 45 YD, 5:25. Drive: 6 plays, 45 yards in 3:27. Key plays: Brohm 42-yard pass to Burks to New York 45. NYNJ 12-6 ORL - TD DERRICK CLARK 1 YD RUN (PAT FAILED), 9:19. Drive: 3 plays, 43 yards in 1:53. Key plays: Brohm 20-yard run to New York 23; Brohm 22-yard pass to Burks to New York 1. ORLANDO 12, NYNJ 12 ORL - TD JEFF BROHM 33 YD RUN (PAT FAILED), 12:27. Drive: 3 plays, 44 yards in 1:38. Key plays: Fisher 7-yard interception return to New York 44. ORLANDO 18-12 Team Stats Orlando NY/NJ First Downs 15 10 Rushing 6 1 Passing 5 8 Penalty 4 1 3rd-Down Efficiency 2-10 5-16 4th-Down Efficiency 0-0 0-0 Total Net Yards 257 203 Total Plays 50 56 Average Gain 5.1 3.6 Net Yards Rushing 149 77 Rushes 27 24 Average per rush 5.5 3.2 Net Yards Passing 108 126 Completed-attempted 10-21 15-29 Yards per pass 4.7 3.9 Sacked-yards lost 2-16 3-35 Passes intercepted 1 2 Punts- Average 5-35.4 6-34 Return Yardage 75 158 Punts- returns 4-minus 12 4-24 Kickoffs- returns 4-80 5-122 Interceptions- returns 2-7 1-12 Penalties- Yards 4-30 14-110 Fumbles- Lost 0-0 0-0 Time of Possession 27:32 32:28 Player Statistics Missed field goals: NY/NJ: (Leo Araguz 43). Orlando rushing: Jeff Brohm 6-64, Derrick Clark 11-37, Mike Black 9-37, Mario Bailey 1-11. NY/NJ rushing: Wally Richardson 4-30, Michael Blair 7-21, Mike Archie 4-14, Keith Elias 8-12, Fred Brock 1-0. Orlando passing: Jeff Brohm 10-21 for 124 yards, 1 INT, 0 TD. NY/NJ passing: Wally Richardson 10-19 for 126 yards, 2 INT, 1 TD, Charles Puleri 5-10 for 35 yards, 0 INT, 0 TD. Orlando receiving: Dialleo Burks 5-88, Mario Bailey 2-18, Kevin Swayne 1-15, Terrance Huston 1-3, Derrick Clark 1-0. NY/NJ receiving: Anthony Dicosmo 4-39, Zola Davis 3-57, Fred Brock 3-24, Marcus Hinton 2-27, Michael Blair 2-16, Keith Elias 1-minus 2. A: 25,626. Jeff Brohm scrambled 33 yards for a touchdown with 2:33 remaining as the Orlando Rage rallied for a 18-12 victory over the winless New York-New Jersey Hitmen to remain the only unbeaten team in the XFL. Brohm helped Orlando erase a 12-3 deficit, sparking the Rage to 15 points in the final 9 1/2 minutes. Orlando's winning drive was set up when Wally Richardson's pass bounced off the helmet of tight end Marcus Hinton into the hands of Stephen Fisher, who returned the interception to the Hitmen 44. New York-New Jersey (0-3) opened a nine-point lead on Richardson's 20-yard TD pass to Hinton 1:32 into the final period, but Orlando began its comeback on Jay Taylor's 45-yard field goal with 9:35 left. Following a short punt, Orlando needed only three plays to tie it. Brohm ran for 20 yards, then hit Dialleo Burks for another 20 yards, giving the Rage a 1st-and-goal at the 1 and setting up Derrick Clark's short TD run with 5:41 to go. The Hitmen were their own worst enemies, committing 14 penalties for 110 yards. The Rage were penalized only four times for 30 yards. Brohm completed 10-of-21 yards for 124 yards and an interception. Richardson, who replaced an ineffective Charles Puleri in the second half, was 10-of-19 for 126 yards. Puleri completed just 5-of-10 for 35 yards. The teams traded field goals in the first half before Leo Araguz's 39-yard kick gave the Hitmen a 6-3 lead 6:19 into the third quarter. Announcers: Chris Marlowe and Brian Bosworth NY/NJ HITMEN NOTES The winless Hitmen return to Giants Stadium, site of their 19-12 loss to Birmingham last week in frigid conditions. Local product and former Rutgers standout Chris Brantley brought the 36,458 fans to their feet before the game began by winning the scramble for the ball. Head coach Rusty Tillman said that he would wait until viewing the game tapes to render his decision about the starting QB vs. Orlando. Despite being a Bronx native, QB Charles Puleri was officially welcomed to Giants Stadium fans when he was booed during parts of the loss Sunday. RB Mike Archie's two touchdowns tie him for the lead league. Defensive End Israel Raybon recorded his second sack in as many games, tops on the Hitmen and second overall in the XFL, while linebacker Mike Barber blocked the first punt in Hitmen history. The stingy Hitmen defense had posted three consecutive quarters of shutout football before Birmingham scored with five minutes remaining in the second period. The defense will have its hands full with the Rage, which is averaging 29 points per game. ORLANDO RAGE TEAM NOTES Galen Hall's team is 2-0 and has people talking, as the Rage are considered by many as the best all-around team in the XFL with the ability to throw, run and play stingy defense. Rage safety and XFL Defensive Player of the Week Omar Brown was everywhere Saturday night as Orlando shut down San Francisco, 26-14, to run its record to 2-0. The numbers tell the story of Brown's dominance in becoming the second straight Rage player to capture XFL Defensive Player of the Week honors (LB Shawn Banks in week one). Brown had 10 solo tackles, forced a fumble on a kickoff return, recovered a fumble and rumbled 12 yards for a touchdown, picked off one pass and knocked down two others. Rage Quarterback Jeff Brohm completed 10 of 21 passes for 161 yards and one touchdown in the 26-14 victory. Although Brohm's effectiveness was limited by a stunting and blitzing San Francisco defense, he still managed to lead the Rage on three touchdown drives. For the season, Brohm is 24 of 43 (55.8%) for 378 yards, 5 touchdowns and two interceptions. He likes to go deep: Five of Jeff Brohm's 24 completions have gone for 30 or more yards this year, including a 51-yard touchdown pass to Kevin Swayne and a 30-yard scoring pass to Dialleo Burks in the season opener; as well as a 49-yard TD hook-up to Mario Bailey last week. Quickly becoming Orlando's possession receiver, Dialleo Burks leads the Rage with eight catches for 103 yards and three touchdowns. He made a key 31-yard reception to set up Orlando's game-clinching touchdown against San Francisco last week. Burks was leading receiver (3-50) for second week in row. Maybe they should start calling it "The Rage Zone." Through two games, the Orlando Rage have seen nothing but perfection with its "Red Zone" offense. Five times this season Orlando has had a first and 10 inside an opponents 20-yard line and five times they have come away with touchdowns. (cont'd on index17b.html)