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Where are they now?
updated 5/24/03

LA Extreme

Head Coach-Al Lugenbill: Detroit Fury(Arena)as head coach
QB Coach-Tom Lugenbill: Detroit Fury(Arena)as offensive coordinator
QB-Tommy Maddox: Pittsburgh Steelers(NFL)
RB-Saladin McCullough: Calgary Stampeders(CFL)
WR-Darnell McDonald: Calgary Stampeders(CFL)
LB-Errick Herrin: Detroit Fury(Arena)as FB/LB
CB-Ron Carpenter: Detroit Fury(Arena)as DS
P/QB-Noel Prefontaine: Kansas City Chiefs(NFL)(as a punter)
WR-Jermaine Copeland: Montreal Alouettes(CFL)
K-Jose Cortez: Kansas City Chiefs(NFL)
LB-Juan Long: Buffalo Destroyers(Arena)(as a FB-LB)
WR-Todd Doxson: New York Dragons(Arena)(as a WR/DB)
TE-Frank Leatherwood: Detroit Fury(Arena)(as a FB/LB)
QB-Scott Milanovich: Rhein Fire(NFL Europe) as an offensive assistant coach
Matt Keneley: Detroit Fury(Arena) as OL/DL

San Francisco Demons

RB-Kelvin Anderson: Calgary Stampeders(CFL)
QB-Pat Barnes: Cleveland Browns(NFL)
WR-Travis Moore: Calgary Stampeders(CFL)
S-Kevin Kaesviharn: Cincinnati Bengals(NFL)
DE-Jermaine Miles: New York Dragons(Arena) as an OL/DL
WR-James Hundon: San Jose Sabercats(Arena)(as WR/DB)
DT-Albrey Battle: San Jose Sabercats(Arena)(as OT-DT)
WR-Tai Streets: San Francisco 49ers(NFL)
WR-Brian Roberson: Saskatchewan Roughriders(CFL)
K-Mike Panasuk: Toronto Argonauts(CFL)

Las Vegas Outlaws

LB-Joseph Tuipala: Jacksonville Jaguars(NFL)
CB-Jason Kaiser: Detroit Fury(Arena)as WR/DB
CB-Hurley Tarver: Tampa Bay Storm(Arena)as a DS
QB-Mark Grieb: San Jose Sabercats(Arena)
DE-Kelvin Kinney: Tampa Bay Storm(Arena)(as OL/DL)
CB-Kevin Scott: Toronto Argonauts(CFL)
DT-Angel Rubio: Detroit Fury(Arena) as OL/DL
RB-Rod "He Hate Me" Smart: Carolina Panthers(NFL)
WR-Mike Furrey: St. Louis Rams(NFL), played most of 2003 with the New York Dragons(Arena)
WR-Brett Bech: Indiana Firebirds(Arena)
QB-Mike Cawley: Lacrosse Night Train(NIFL), also listed w/ Rochester(AF2), started 2003 w/ Buffalo(Arena)
K-Paul McCallum: Saskatchewan Rough Riders(CFL)
CB-Ron Carpenter: Detroit Fury(Arena)as DS
(Carpenter started his XFL season with LV ended with LA)

Memphis Maniax

RB-Rafael Cooper: Detroit Lions(NFL)
WR-Russell Copeland: Tupelo Fireants(NIFL)as offensive coordinator
QB-Marcus Crandell: Calgary Stampeders(CFL)
QB-Jim Druckenmiler: Indianapolis Colts(NFL)
LB-Paul Lacoste: Amsterdam Admirals(NFL Europe), Indianapolis has his NFL rights
LB-Shante "Chaka" Carver: Dallas Desperados(Arena) as OL/DL
LB-Paris Lenon: Green Bay Packers(NFL)
LB-Cornell Menefee: Green Bay Packers(NFL)
Head Coach-Kippy Brown: Houston Texans(NFL) as Offensive Coordinator

Birmingham Bolts

DB-Toya Jones: B.C.(British Columbia) Lions(CFL)
WR-Steve Smith: Grand Rapids Rampage(Arena) as OS

Chicago Enforcers

RB-John Avery: Minnesota Vikings(NFL)
CB-Corey Ivy: Tampa Bay Buccaneers(NFL)
WR-Aaron Bailey: San Jose Sabercats(Arena)(as an offensive specialist)
WR-Fred Coleman: New England Patriots(NFL)
WR-Luke Leverson: Dallas Desperados(Arena) as WR/DB
WR-Junior Lord: Detroit Fury(Arena) as WR/LB

New York/New Jersey Hitmen
TE-Ryan Collins: Amsterdam Admirals(NFL Europe)
QB-Charles Puleri: Buffalo Destroyers(Arena)
DB-Butler By'note: Colorado Crush(Arena)as WR/DB
DT-Israel Raybon: Grand Rapids Rampage(Arena)as OL/DL

Orlando Rage
K-Jay Taylor: Rhein Fire(NFL Europe), Cleveland has NFL rights
WR-Shannon "Skinny" Culver: Dallas Desperados(Arena)as FB/DB
WR-Kevin Swayne: New York Dragons(Arena)(as WR/DB)
DT-Ben Huff: Dallas Desperados(Arena)as OL/DL
QB-Brian Kuklick: New England Patriots(NFL)
WR-Mario Bailey: Detroit Fury(Arena)as WR/DB
WR-Dialleo Burks: Dallas Desperados(Arena)as WR/DB
QB-Jeff Brohm: University of Louisville(as QB coach)
DL-Corey Mayfield: Grand Rapids Rampage(Arena)as OL/DL
OL-Jason Gamble: Grand Rapids Rampage(Arena)as OL/DL